Monday, February 5, 2018

Two'Charm' ing quilts and a Raffle Quilt

Happy Monday quilt fans! Today I have the pleasure of sharing three quilts. First up is Joan's William Morris charm pack quilt. Joan asked for edge to edge quilting, but as there is a sweet little peeper on the inner border, I suggested edge to edge for the middle of the quilt then a custom swirl for the border. Joan was happy.

Next is Levonne's charm pack quilt. Levonne wanted echoed squares on each charm and stipple on the border. I loved the backing fabric!

Thank you Joan and Levonne. Next is one of the quilts to be raffled at Whangarei Quilt Guild Bi annual exhibition. The pattern used is a Jewel Quilt. I had a bit of fun custom quilting this one.

How about renaming it the Sapphire Quilt! One last photo of the back. If you are in Whangarei on the 27th - 29th April pop along to the show and grab a ticket or two :-)


  1. The Sapphire quilt is gorgeous...would be a great one to win alright! (I can tell you had a lot of fun with the lovely quilting here!) The two charm pack quilts are also very sweet...interesting what can be made out of a pile of small squares!

  2. All gorgeous quilts Leeanne. Yes the raffle one is stunning but I think the middle one in vintagey pastels is my absolute favourite. Is that ric rac between the blocks ??

  3. The Jewel quilt is just gorgeous! Love how you have quilted all 3. Great quilts to showcase lovely charm packs x

  4. Do you find it troublesome to have dimensional things on the quilt you have to skirt? They are great quilts from simple charm packs.
    LOVE the custom quilt job. That is a lot of curved cross-hatching. You must be a lot faster at that than I am!!
    Beautiful job--thanks for the back shot. :)

  5. Good morning my dearest Leeanne ... after many months here I am here ... as always you are very good and you can give a unique and wonderful touch to any quilt you throw in your hands. You're awesome !!! Here this morning it's snowing, I think it's hot instead of you ... I embrace you and wish you a wonderful week-end
    Love et bisous Ve❤🐶

  6. Your quilting is superb Leeanne. Even a simple quilt is made more beautiful by your quilting. :-)

  7. I'm really impressed by your custom quilting on the Jewel quilt, Leanne. It really lifts the colouration and the design. Looking forward to seeing it at the show!

  8. The Sapphire quilt is stunning, love the quilting you have done, would be wonderful to seeit in real life. The other two quilts are interesting too, good to see what you can do with charm packs.