Monday, June 20, 2011

Christmas Fun #3

Just finished this cute  # 3 block and #4 will be here this week.
I rather fancy keeping up, but do we have just one project? NO!!!
This month I did the stitching on the heart blocks AFTER I joined them, I feel it is easier to get the stitching straight, the last couple of months some of the stitching ended up in the seam.
Have a fantastic day!


  1. Lovely Leeanne, these blocks are so sweet!

  2. Hi there,

    I noticed a comment over on Leanne's House blog re new kittens chewing phone charger cords... After buying our THIRD charger cord after our cat Matilda insisted on using mine as dental floss - a guy at the phone shop told us to "use the stuff you girls put on your nails to stop biting them on the length of the cord" - his words - apparently his mum had four cats and was forever repalcing her charger cord...She used the nail stuff and it worked a treat... Doesn't taste any better to cats either... Hope this helps... Now we have another cat that can flick the letters off a laptop keypad - now that is expensive to fix!!!!!

  3. Love the heart blocks in this one.