Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Turning Twenty,Angels,knitting and stripping......


A good customer of mine has made another lovely you recognise the pattern?
Turning twenty, remember this quilt Lois made, also turning twenty and this turning twenty.

These photo's aren't the best, no doubt if you click on them they will look better.

Hopefully Lois' friend will be happy with this quilt.I know from my own experience how wonderful it is to be given a quilt!
I decided not to do any quilting on the sashings as the fabrics are busy and more quilting may make things too busy.
I did a free form feather on the border.

Apart from the ditch stitching all threads were Signature Variegated.

Thank you Lois :-)

Month four of Lynette Anderson's Christmas fun....tiny YoYo's and lots of french knots!

Cute Button!   

This cute fabric arrived at The Country Yard and while I was rolling it on boards I thought "Oh my friend Barbara would love this if I make it into a knitting bag!"

Does this bag look similar? well you would be right, same pattern, same!

Now to the stripping...............................

Just another project.....I have a few birthday's coming up in the family, 3 twenty first's, so I have to get my butt into gear!
Anyway Julie's blog is one I follow and I LOVE her header quilt (note to self....make that one Leeanne!....)
this is where the stripping comes in!  I will do a plaid one one day, but decided to dig into my draws of strips, a most eclectic mix of fabric.I am not sure about sashing yet, but these blocks are sew much fun to make, very easy to not cook dinner, wash clothes etc!!


  1. We may just have to start calling you the bag lady--- I have plans for this fabric too so I'd best get some before it all goes. I went and looked at Julie's site--I can imagine you drooling over her header!!
    Sure looks like you have been busy, as usual!!

  2. Excellent quilting - a mile away from my slapdash stuff!