Friday, March 25, 2011

An Heirloom to share............

An Heirloom quilt needs special treatment...don't distract from the beauty of what the quiltmaker has made.
Feather wreath......

Susan did a fabulous job of this quilt.With her mother's 80th birthday looming, she wanted to make something special, I think she succeeded!
Using a 'Turning Twenty' pattern she made this quilt using the prettiest fabrics.

With my trusty feather wreath stencil on hand we went to work.

I love this soft green.....

I hope your Mum has many happy years enjoying this quilt.

No poly-neon Maderia, Mettler or Wonderfil threads were harmed in the making of this quilt :-)


  1. Another lovely quilt and I'm sure a happy customer too! You quilting is great. I've been meaning to come see your new 'studio' but with work etc it's not happened yet, but I will one day!

  2. Those colours are lovely. Quilts can really make a home a home don't you think? Probably in the best way there is, as they are all made with such love.