Monday, September 26, 2011


I finished reading this book on the weekend....I loved it, so bittersweet, some very funny bits and sad pieces.
Now I want to see the movie!

Today I stayed home to try and get the mountains of things that need to be done....well, done! I cleaned out the fire, put the wood basket away somewhere in the garage.... that needs to be sorted!
Cleaned the goldfish tank out...I can see my fish now!
Some baking, 'testing' baking....test results...not bad.
Make a start on the handmade Christmas presents ....well I have officially started....not sure when I'll finish.
Organise my freezer and what to cook this week, busy times in our house.
And of course washing.......

I have been working on this cover for a couple of weeks, whenever I get a few spare moments I have done a bit more, well I finished it last night. This one is for my Bernina 440 I use for quilting. This one
I use for my Bernina 801 I have at home for piecing. I did the same strippy pieces for the gusset .
I hope everyone else is having a productive day.


  1. LOVED the book, enjoyed the movie - awwwwwww wasn't it just funatabulous book!

  2. Saw the movie last week. Really enjoyed it and all the actors were really good.

  3. What - starting on Christmas pressies - good on you!! I'm still finishing last Christmas's ones!! How satisfying to get those bits and pieces of jobs done too. My floors got mopped - yaay!! I've seen quite a few people mention this book - must hunt it down.

  4. I've added it to my too read one day when on holiday list. And now I must get up off my butt and do some of those must be done things too.