Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Round Robin quilts......

Jacki's Row by Row is great. This quilt was made by a Round Robin  group, which consists of twelve quilters, me included (my piece was the washing line) all doing a 'Row', some of these rows were shared as Jacki wanted this quilt to be certain measurements.

Such a fun time being apart of a Round Robin and at the end you get a fabulous quilt all of your very own.

Click on the photo's for the close ups of the wee bits I quilted.

Thank you Jacki for letting quilt another of your quilts

My Row by Row, still more quilting to be done on this, but I love it.
Thank you girls!!


  1. WOW these are so lovely !! !! !!

  2. How exciting!! Cant wait to see these for real. Wasn't it a fun R-R?! Love the extra little quilting details you popped in.

  3. We are nearing the end of our round robin too - can't wait!!