Monday, December 19, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery part 5, Dresdens & some other ramblings.....

Here are ALL 350 units for part 5 of Bonnie's mystery!!
Bonnie said cut 700.....yes 700 triangles!! Gulp.....but I did it :-) I did all the cutting in one hit, hubby came into my studio with a cuppa and asked how I was going, i said "well I could do with more of a variety of browns" , he said " didn't already give you some of my shirts?" I said "yes this is the one here". He said I have another would you like it?".....................
Stop the press......I'm thinking a quilter could not ask for a better husband could they? Yes sweet I know, but when he showed me the shirt (pictured in one piece under my blocks) I said "no, it's too nice....but thank you so much".
So I did a bit of sewing here and there, but then yesterday hubby went to play a gig and the boys were content playing with their mates,  I got stuck in!
Turned up the volume on the ipod and listened to Tracy, Phil, Louis, Eva, Rod, Tom, James, Andrea, Kenny, Barbara and more!
So apart from still more to do on part one, I'm done, which is good as I'm going away from my machine for a bit, I will work on this while away................
  I started this well over a year ago, it is portable and a no rush thing.....................

Remember I went to this Christmas party? I had to make a gift, but silly me forgot to take a photo of what I made. Lyn ended up with my gift and kindly photographed it for me.
note to self...make one for me!
I hope you are all enjoying Bonnie's mystery, either just as a spectator or by joining in the sewing madness! For more wonderful blocks check out  what some others have been doing  , you can pop around the world all from the comfort of your computer chair!
I can not believe the amount of hits I have had to my blog since I started this fun mystery :-)

Merry Christmas to all, be happy, safe & well fed!


  1. Your browns are delicious! Can't wait to see the final results! Your Dresden plates are wonderful too!

  2. That is an awful lot of triangles! Your dresden plates are beautiful and I love the little wall hanging.

  3. That is a lot of triangles... I see Bonnie has the next step out now so am looking forward to seeing yours come together!

  4. Love this little hanger. If you make another one for yourself please do a tutorial. It's so cute.

  5. I have done a couple of Bonnie's mystery quilts, but this one i thought I would give a miss...all those tri's!
    Love the dresden petals.
    Julia ♥

  6. Hubby's shirt blocks will look great with your previous post oranges! You are having fun with this one I can tell - as for me I'm pleased I didn't join in, I would still be looking for enough scraps and cursing how many triangles to cut!! Looking forward to seeing yours done though :-)

  7. I love that wall hanging, what's the pattern?