Monday, March 5, 2012

customer quilt

Cat gave me this quilt to work on for her. This was a swap quilt, you can read all about it on Cat's original post here
You may want a better view of what I did, so just click on the photo's & that should help.   
No Madeira threads were harmed in the quilting of this top.
this one was special to me, those of you who know me, will know why.

Cool wedding cake house! I think it is cat & her hubbies! Can you see I quilted "Here comes the bride"

The back! Each participant put a sigi block in as well.
Years from now this will hold some special memories for Cat.

I will leave you with a couple more pincushions I finished last night while watching American Idol.
P.S how is everyone feeling about this 'word verification' thingie? Some folks have it, some don't? Does it put you off leaving a comment? Ha....if it does, you won't leave a comment to tell me so!


  1. Oh wow, what a special quilt. Love all the labels on the back,too. I don't like the new word thing; since switching it off I've had about 3 spams that went straight to my spam box and no dramas!!

  2. Quilt and quilting - gorgeous. Love the zig-zag on the feather spine (mentally noted for future use). Not so keen on the word id thing, does make me hesitate unless it's something I really want to share. They are just so hard to work out! On another note - what do you think about the American Idol contestants, our household are not too impressed so far. I love the judges, but maybe it has done it's dash??

  3. I wrote a post all about word verification - don't like it!


    LOVE my quilt and goodness me I didn't even notice 'here comes the bride' WOW I'm going back to see what other goodie messages you've left me

  4. I hate the new 2 word verification. I have not had verification on my blog for at least a year, after a friend emailed me and said she had tried 3 times to leave a comment but kept on getting the word wrong. I do get some spam but its not published so easy to delete it. Probably about one every second day. Take it off for a week and see.
    Now more positive stuff, I love the quilt, especially the quilting. That zig zag inside the feather is cool.

  5. Fabulous quilt! The back is a great idea too.
    Those pincushions look great also - I'll have to check out your other posts on them.
    I took the word verification off my blog and haven't had problems so far.

  6. Great quilt and beautifully quilted as always! LOVE those selvedges used as the roof and tree trim.
    I took the word verification off my blog as they are really difficult to read. I think they've been a bit 'over-keen' on the security feature :)

  7. Quilt and pincushions are all lovely!!!

    I think mine is still on the older format and there isn't the word verification thingy. I know I don't like it, it is tooooo time consuming most of the time.

    Maybe I should go check mine out......ok, I'm off to see if I can figure out the words your blog comment section has for me!!

  8. OH.....yippee....I don't have the word verification.