Sunday, March 4, 2012

"A Trip Down Flimsy Lane"

I love when you can make the time to just 'potter'.
 So with pottering on the menu for today.....(well after Hubby & I cleaned the house!)
 I finished " Classic Strippy" from Bonnie Hunter's book : Adventures with Leaders & Enders. You may remember my post about making this quilt way back here!
Now this is a BIG quilt : 90" x 108" , I made mine a bit longer than in Bonnie's book as I wanted the quilt to go over the pillows. I have my washing line extended as high as would go & it was still on the ground!
Way back,
..................well a while ago I posted about these wee stars .So here is another flimsy, this has been finished for quite sometime, ready to be quilted.

Maverick Stars is from Bonnie Hunters website, she has many cool free patterns, you can find Maverick Stars here.
Great quilt for a Leader & Ender & to use up those scraps. Some of the centres I did 'crumby'.

I just need to get quilting these as I love them!!
Click for a better view

This one was a BOM  (no scraps here!)  from Crab Apple Hill I have spent quite a few years working on this , lots stitchery, the hand bags, the crazy patch blocks. this too is ready to be quilted, when that is done I need to add all the beads.
All these quilts have backing &  binding already cut & ready to go!

As suggested by Leeann I'm bringing you the month of March.


  1. What wonderful flimsys - I'm slowly working through my WIP pile also

  2. I guess you end up too busy finishing up quilts for others to get yours done. But these are great and really need to become real quilts rather than flimseys. Can you 'sneak' them in?!?!!

  3. What a great feeling to get those tops worked on and together! I do like your Maverick Star quilt - fancy thinking of adding crumbs to it!! Now just to see if the quilter has a bit of spare time to quilt them...!

  4. Sorry if you've already got this comment - something weird just happened on my satisfying to get these 3 tops worked on. I really DO like the Maverick Stars... now who would have thought of putting the odd crumb block in there too?? Now you just have to have a word with the quilter and see if she has time to quilt these for you...!