Monday, May 7, 2012

May Day.......................

So what the heck have I been up for two weeks!.................ummmmm, lets see,
Turning the page on my calendar!
We are into Autumn well & truly here in Northland believe it or not we have even had a couple of frosts.
I have a few things to share with you, some will have to wait a couple of weeks....................

A book I finished, a bit quilty, lovey dovey, Amish mystery, a good read. Who else takes for what seems like forever to finish a book? I tend to only read when I go to bed, I get a few pages read & someone fills my eye lids with lead!

A gift from a special friend....this is a heat pack (AKA : 'wheatie')....but  it is just too nice to use! Makes a nice display on my treadle.

A customer quilt. Levonne made this fun quilt many years ago. These chooks were screaming at me to quilt feathers, please! But I couldn't as Levonne just wanted in the ditches done & around the chooks.

Another customer quilt. Meg has made this for her daughter. It is HUGE! 116" x 102" you are only seeing half here, that's the only way to have it fit on my line.

Meg chose this simple quilting.

A Movie I highly recommend "Temple Grandin" . ......fascinating! 


  1. Is that a decorative stitch you used on the zig zag quilt, it gives a nice effect!
    When I read a book I have to keep at it til it's finished...I hate to put it down!

  2. love your wheatie - as you say too nice to use!! I used to make mine with removeable covers (like pillowcases) so that the outer came off during the heating process etc etc to keep it pretty!!! You have been busy with your quilting - the quilting on the chevron is very effective.

  3. I know what you mean about the time going so quickly. Your wheatie is very pretty and the quilts and quilting are lovely too! I watched the movie clip, looks interesting.

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  5. I'll try again - previous post had too many spelling mistakes! I was totally inspired by this movie and the absolute love and determination of her mum and aunt. What an amazingly talented woman Temple is - many lessons for us to learn about not judging others and encouraging the best from everyone of all abilities.

  6. Love Meg's quilt, it's a real eye catcher in it's simplicity.