Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A week long road trip final part and back to quilting!

                                                You are still with me.......how fabulous!
Last part in my journey, when the holiday is over it is back to those lovely customer quilts!
Seeing my granddaughter is always a treat and we have great fun, she wears me out more than a mountain ever can! We booked into a camp ground where she quickly (10 minutes on arrival) made friends with a girl staying at the camp ground too, also befriending the resident Rabbit............it had to be the Easter Bunny we decided!

   This rabbit was huge and loved banana's! I thought it was monkeys that liked banana's???
Then there was the camp ground cat. This cat had us running after it as it had a 'thing' for going in bags, when it's head went through the plastic bag handle it got a fright and ran through the camp ground with the plastic bag looking more like a parachute than a plastic bag! Picture us and several other campers running to the cats rescue, but how to get the cat down from the tree it had scrabbled up? We did manage it o free the cat and even got the plastic bag back. Here is the cat just before the adventure began.

Visits to the local pools, staying until we were as wrinkly as prunes, ice creams at the park, colouring in, washing our dishes with shampoo.............I didn't know our cabin was that basic! Then off up to see Dawson Falls on Mount Taranaki (Mt Egmont).

                                               This place never looses it's natural beauty.

                            Fairy and Gobblin type bush that would suit any Harry Potter film.

Seeing the mighty mountain was an interesting example of how the weather can really change on a mountain, we watched as the clouds slowly moved over the mountain like someone was pulling a blanket down over it to tuck it in for the evening ahead.
After a teary farewell I headed back to my friend Julie's to help break the long drive home. Julie's cottage always tempts me, so a wee bit of shopping took place.

         I fell in love with this little trio, a little table and two chairs up cycled by Julie herself.

Don't you think this is a cute setting for Little Bear and Even Littler Bear?? I found a small vintage linen with an embroidered tea cup and saucer and even two little plates to set the scene.
Another item to add to my snowman collection was waiting for me at Julie's too.

This is a small display I have on top of my log fire box, but with this sudden drop in temperatures here in New Zealand I will have to move my collection elsewhere soon enough. Whoopwhoop winter is coming folks!!
Back at home the tramping boots are away, bags unpacked and back to the business of quilting.

Jenny and her twelve year old grandson made this cheerful quilt for friends that are expecting a baby. Jenny asked for an all over quilting design, I chose a nice one called "Splash".

                        A nice purple backing..............................................................

Thanks Jenny!
Another customer quilt with the same all over quilting design is all finished and waiting to be picked up, you may have seen peeks on my Facebook page?

Thanks for joining me on a fabulous week. I hope you have the wood pile ready to go and warm socks at the ready.................see you soon!


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to camp. Love the scenery! That is one big bunny, and obviously very used to people! Sounds like the cat keeps you entertained if you choose not to leave camp. : )
    I really like that all-over design. Very pretty!

  2. You managed to get the trip before the cold arrived. 4C this morning, here, fire going, some snow on the farm down south, and heaps on Central Plateau. Lovely hearts quilt, I do like them slightly tilted, and wonderful quilting.

  3. Gosh, it's been a while since I've seen Dawson Falls, we lived just a couple of kms from them YEARS ago! Spectacular Mt Taranaki, too. Glad to hear you had a great time with your gd - I'm sure she'll remember the adventures in the camp for a long time!! Splash is a fun quilting design.

  4. Like Raewyn, It's a while since I have been to Dawson Falls.
    The sudden cold may not reach you up there...we put the fire on yesterday and last night. Sunny again today. Great quilting!

  5. It is a long time since I have been to Dawson Falls too...my sister and BIL lived in Kaponga and had a spectacular view of Mount Taranaki from their lounge room...I took many photos of its moods...love the bush photo.....lovely to camp with your gd..as Raewyn says she will have many happy memories...the quilts and quilting are beautiful...I enjoyed your trip!!

  6. Looks rather nice in that part of the country, still not been down that far yet! Only been here 11 years! (almost) I got my black & white with a bit of red quilt back the other day. I'm in the process of cutting off the excess around the edges to make ready for binding.

  7. Bunnies and Bananas NO
    That quilt is really quite lovely isn't it - hearts :)
    Grandparents are equally as lovely as grandchildren !

  8. Fabulous photo's of the nature, sweet granddaughter and animals, and love the quilt made by the 12 year old and his grandma!
    Hve a nice day, Cisca

  9. What a wonderful trip you had and so much beautiful scenery! And kids are wonderful and exhausting all at the same time :) An action packed post complete with quilting!

  10. I just knew you would be excited about Winter!! Your not right in the head love. Your camping story was so sweet, saying goodbye must have been super hard. OMG that little table and chairs is the most gorgeous thing. Pretty sure I have some small cups and saucers stashed here somewhere that would look perfect on that table. Might have to flick me your address so I can send them to you.

  11. Gorgeous grandaughter & huge rabbit there Leeanne !!!!! Good old Dawson Falls .... love that place. Gosh seeing that little table & chairs makes me think how cute it is .... looks fabulous with your little tea party set up there complete with doiley cloth :-)