Friday, April 17, 2015

It's not a quilt until it's quilted................................

The following three quilts are now quilts! All three customers asked for all over quilting designs.

 First up is a quilt created by Christine for her ten year old granddaughter.The pattern came from a book called " Jellyroll Inspiration", compiled by Pam & Nicky Lintott. The pattern was designed by Joanne Ridley, the design is called " May Flowers".

Christine was running out of time to get this quilt finished in time for her granddaughters birthday, so she chose all over quilting instead of the more time consuming custom quilting.

I quite fancy this quilting, called "Camellia's". The quilt measures 59" x 68", the thread is a soft pinky/mauve Glide thread. Christine had the prettiest backing.

Thank you Christine.
Next is Suzanne's Swoon quilt. Suzanne was keen to have a Baptist Fan quilting. Facebook followers will remember my sneak peeks.

Isn't this a lovely quilt! So fresh and revitalizing. I used a white Madeira poly thread top and bottom.

Thank you Suzanne, no doubt we will see this lovely quilt featured on your blog when you have completed the binding.
Next up is Elaine's group Row by Row quilt. Made several years ago as a group effort, Elaine was keen to get this fun quilt quilted!

Elaine was happy to go with an all over quilting design, there is a lot going on in this quilt, so it is probably the best choice.

A fun quilting design called "Splash"............seems appropriate for a beachy themed quilt. The backing looks good too, a soft blue flannel. Thank you Elaine, enjoy!

A few weeks back I was very fortunate to win Gail Pan's latest Christmas Stitchery book!! Whoopwhoop!

I am a big fan of Gail's designs, I have made several of her quilts and stitcheries, so I was delighted to win her book. Gail signed my copy for me, thanks Gail! I look forward to stitching up some of these beautiful designs.

Simon has been up to his usual mischief, sleeping in places he's not meant to, scratching, just the the usual stuff to get our attention. In the following photo he was having a cute moment sitting on the stairs.

The next customer quilt I am working on is a custom job, very pretty.........I am still working on the ditch stitching.

 Until next time......................................


  1. I love all those quilting patterns, but especially the baptist fan, just gorgeous! Suzanne will love it I'm sure.

  2. Lovely quilts and fabulous quilting. Gail Pan is my favourite stitchery designer. I received that book and two of her patterns from The Country Yard today and I can't wait to start a new project, but, trying to finish a couple of things first!!!!!!.

  3. Another collection of beautiful quilts and quilting Leeanne...have that book too...looking forward to getting into something from it. Simon is very cute!

  4. Hi Simon you gorgeous boy you!! Oh and the quilts are all lovely, bet Simon would look fabulous on the first one.

  5. Super quilts, each so different, and you quilt to suit the design perfectly. What a lovely book. I hopped back to some of your previous posts, do you have a special table for your machines? A sort of Horn cabinet or tailor made? Having the bed set in makes it so much easier, and I thought maybe Hugh could make me one!!! With winter nearly here, time for indoor activities, specially now that WOOD is split and on the pile. Raining here, not cold, family said last Tuesday the snow was at the edge of the Desert Road, and well down the Mountains. But the roadside part was almost all gone on Thursday. Maybe you can squeeze in a stay here next time.

  6. Each quilt design is such a great match for the quilts. I especially love Baptist Fans and that Splash is really nice. The Camillias look great with the floral quilt.
    I love Gail Pan's designs. I have gathered a few, but have yet to make one. Lucky win. : )

  7. Gosh Leeanne you sure have been quilting up a storm. They are all lovely but very different quilts. Congratulations on winning that fab looking book .... look forward to seeing you make some of the projects in it :-) Simon has that same spooky eyed look that blackie gets ... usually when they are up to mischief.

  8. Gotta love that swoon quilt. Your Baptist fans are perfect.

  9. Beautiful. I like the fan design on the swoon quilt.

  10. Beautiful, and I know the person who owns the square you are stitching in the ditch. Can't wait to see that one finished.

  11. It's always nice to see the quilts you have worked on - such a range of loveliness :-) Lucky you with the win - I wonder what you'll make from it...?!

  12. Awesome quilting - of course :) and yay for wins! exciting!

  13. Love how my baptist fan Swoon quilt has turned out (Charlotte knows me so well) - although you have the fans upside down in the photos... somehow I always see them as being like a rainbow - not like a smile. I have my binding all ready to go... just need the time to get it applied and all finished. Thanks!