Thursday, October 27, 2016

Inspiration for pre cuts........................

Some may say the invention of pre- cut fabrics is like the best thing since sliced bread,  I am inclined to believe. The options are endless and ever growing, they give you a nice 'head start' to quilt making and you have a wonderful selection of fabrics usually from a whole range of fabric.

The Country Yard team have been busy whipping up some inspirational pieces to get their customers mouths watering. This cute quilt is made from a charm pack (5" squares) and some creamy tan fabric from the bolt.

Measuring 50" x 54", Kerryn (shop owner) asked for custom quilting and chose feathers for the creamy tan areas, a great choice I think. I used Glide "Mocha" thread.

Kerryn often asks me to attach binding, usually I take a photo of the quilt before I attach the binding, but I only remembered after the job was done. Here is a photo of the back giving you a clear view without binding in the way!

Next in the line up is a lovely soft quilt made from a layer cake (10" squares) in flannels. This quilt has a manly/bloke sort of look to it.

Kerryn asked for edge to edge (all over quilting) this time, picking a double straight lines evident in the pattern on some of the fabrics. relatively easy when you have the beauty of channel locks on your machine, when it came to quilting the other direction I did need to turn the quilt.

A peek see at the back, also flannel..............................

Last but not least, something a bit Christmasy. Another charm pack creation, very simple quilting with a bit of glam on the border!

When I say 'Christmasy', I mean toning, some gold over lays. I like the simple piecing which is enhanced by the straight lines on the light fabric.

I used Glide "Butterscotch" for the border design. Once again Kerryn asked that I attach the binding, this time completely by machine. Have you ever tried this? I quite fancy it personally, within a short space of time your quilt is completely finished. Here is one way to do this method: binding by machine take one and: binding by machine take two and: binding by machine take three!

 If you are going to the Auckland Festival of Quilts you will see The Country Yard there along with these quilts and some other scrumptious tempting delights!

After all that it's time for this quilter to put her feet up with a nice hot cuppa! See you next time.


  1. Yet again Leeanne fabulous quilts and quilting

  2. Beautiful quilts and quilting! I like them all but especially the Christmas one.
    Hope you enjoyed that cuppa.

  3. You have earned a break!
    Precuts do make a nice, quick quilt when you are in a hurry. The quilting you have added makes them extra special!

  4. Busy Beaver Girl (Bear!!) yet again and such lovely work. I really admire what you do xxxx

  5. Oh yes precuts sound about perfect to me Leeanne ... some lovely quilts there - you sure have been busy at your machine. Love the photo at the end :-)

  6. lovely selection, I have lots of 5" charm packs and jelly rolls but just seem to add to the pile and have not used any! Loving the bears

  7. Three great quilts and wonderful choice and execution of the quilting designs. Will be great to see them at Festival of Quilts.

  8. Lovely quilts, and amazing quilting! Lovely photo of the bear! Have a nice time at the Auckland Festival of Quilts, I'll go and see if I'm in the neighbourhood, ;0)