Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Edge to edge quilting.........................

               Hello friends, things are heating up now that we can all smell Christmas coming!
                        I have two quilts to share today, first is Gillian's grandson's quilt.

Gillian made this cute eye spy quilt then asked me to quilt an edge to edge design of my choice. I went with "Splash" and Gillian chose Matilda's own polyester batting. The quilt measures 34" x 40".

How about a view of the back?

Next is Lois' Palampore panel, measuring 47" x 87", Lois asked for a flowing edge to edge design, I chose "Espalier".

                      Lois tells me she has a tall narrow blank wall to hang this lovely quilt on.

Over the weekend I went tramping in Puketi Forest, surrounded by some magnificent Kauri trees, streams and bird life. This Kauri is called Hokianga, it is known  as the eighth largest Kauri tree.

The weekend included one day of working with DOC to clear tracks, so they are easier for the trappers to get access to the spread out possum, rat and cat traps. These are off the main tracks so this meant quite a lot of 'bush bashing' and slogging through calf deep mud and streams, but the scenery was magical!

The day didn't start off smoothly as a couple also staying in the DOC hut (not part of our group) didn't turn up the first evening, so we had to alert search and rescue. I must say it was quite a worry to know that this couple had headed into the bush ill pre pared. Thankfully search and rescue found them. You can read the story here if you are interested: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503450&objectid=11734372
We found an interesting way to measure an ancient Kauri stump...........................

I will be back soon with more quilts to show you, until then some giggles for you:


  1. Sounds like an interesting weekend!

  2. Great weekend for tramping.....just shows how we need to respect our environment and be prepared!

  3. Some cool quilts there Leeanne. I did think of you this past weekend out tramping ...sounds & looks like lots of fun. Your photos are always stunning of the environment up there - just magical.

  4. You have some wonderful edge to edge designs and are excellent at choosing just the right one for a quilt!
    You have such beautiful places to hike.

  5. Cool quilting. Those trampers are lucky your group was there to raise the alarm. Great photos.

  6. 2 lovely quilts. what an interesting time you had out in the bush certainly beats city life how wonderful to live where you are

  7. Another two beautiful quilts Leeanne, love the splash design. That long quilt looks amazing. Just shows how easily people can go wrong in the bush....sounds like hard work having to bush bash...love the "ear" tree. And the truck sign did give me a laugh, thanks 😊

  8. Great photos from your treking in the bush, well done you. So yesterdays bread really is toast!!