Sunday, July 23, 2017

Esme and Sue's quilts.............

Esme is working through her UFO's, sound familiar? As patchworkers and craft lovers we all have this 'problem' sometimes it's difficult to see light at the end of the textile tunnel, but if you slowly chip away at what you can when you can, you do get there.......unless of course you keep adding to the UFO pile!

Esme had this cheery Laurel Burch wallhanging at the nearly 'ready for quilting' stage for several years, then finally decided it was time to get it finished! Hip hip hooray for Esme!

Measuring only 31" square it packs out the sunshine with the well known cats and brightness.

After I had complete all the stitch in the ditch it was time for the fun parts, some swirls here, some feathers there. Esme wanted a nice backing fabric that reflected the cheerful front.

Thank you Esme, enjoy your quilt and what will be next in that UFO pile to make it to the finish line?

            Sue has rolled out another lovely creation to be gifted to another loved one in America.

Sorry no square straight photo for this quilt, it was raining and when it rains I find the quilts get soggy when I put them through an outdoor photo shoot!

For most quilts Sue gives me to quilt she lets me choose a suitable edge to edge quilting pattern this time was just the same. I chose to quilt free hand feathered backed spirals all over the quilt.
Lastly for the back lovers.................................

I made time this weekend for some professional development. Dragging out one of my UFO's from my personal pile. Here are a few snippets of a nearly finished quilt.

Thank for stopping by......................


  1. All lovely quilts and your quilting designs are fabulous as always Leeanne

  2. All are very nice. Something about the Laurel Burch is fascinating. Looking forward to seeing your finished UFO.

  3. You are very clever....loved seeing more magic on those lovely quilts x

  4. Lovely quilting as usual! I am a quilter who keeps adding to those UFO'S!!!

  5. Laurel Burch fabrics are always so bright and cheerful! The quilting design on the second quilt is a beauty and it does show up so well on the back. Now, your UFO looks interesting - look forward to seeing this when you;re finished.

  6. The Laurel Burch cats are incredible! A riot of color and fun!! Wonderful quilting job, Leeanne!
    Your free-hand feathered swirls look so good--I thought you had used a panto at first glance.
    You tease. Now I am curious to see that whole finished quilt. : )

  7. I love how you make the cats just really pop out with your quilting Leeanne ... just gorgeous. I love your version of "professional development" .... cant wait to see that beauty finished. You are busy as ever :-)

  8. once again you have lifted these to a wonderful finish with your quilting. Loving the cat fabric such fun

  9. Beautiful Quilting, and wow, nice quilt

  10. A beautiful collecion of birds, so colourful and all those special stitches are amazing! Love your 'free range' quilting too.


  11. I am aure tou enjoyed the "professional development"!! And as I am working backwards here catching up I know the results were stunning. Love the other two quilts too and how you have worked you magic on them.