Friday, August 19, 2022

Quilting for Dorothy Part Two

Hello Quilty Friends!
Welcome back for more quilts from Dorothy. 
Dorothy sent me nine quilts, in my previous post I shared with you five quilts.
Grab your favourite beverage and enjoy the quilty eye candy.

I'm sure Dorothy will be adding eyes to these teddy bears now the quilting is complete. 
I'm pleased she waited to add any embellishments for after quilting.

I did a combination of a digital corner and partial border design of the bees and ruler work.

Quilt Information:

Pattern - Teddies - By Kids Quilts.
Measurements - 57"x 74"
Quilting - Custom Quilting
Batting - Supplied by customer
Backing - Supplied by customer
Threads - Glide - Mocha, Navy, Garnet & Christmas Pine

Quilt Information:

Pattern - Tumbler - by Bonnie Hunter.
Measurements - 52"x 63"
Quilting - E2E Quilting - Blooming Feathers.
Batting - Supplied by customer.
Backing - Supplied by customer.
Threads - Aurifil - Beige

Dorothy supplied all the backing fabrics including this scrumptious Anna Maria Horner one. I do have this one for sale if anyone wants some.

Quilt Information:

Pattern - Unknown to me.
Measurements - 71"x 82"
Quilting - E2E Quilting - Camellia.
Batting - Supplied by customer.
Backing - Supplied by customer.
Threads - Aurifil - Teal

Quilt Information:

Pattern - Shenandoah - by Deanne Quill.
Measurements - 55"x 69"
Quilting - E2E Quilting - Leafarama.
Batting - Supplied by customer.
Backing - Supplied by customer.
Threads - Glide - Basil.

I may have had more than usual intake of coffee to get through so many quilts!

Thank you Dorothy for entrusting ALL your beautiful quilts to me.


  1. Gosh Dorothy has been busy Leeanne ... that's alot of quilts!!! Such a variety too ... love how you have sprinkled your magic over them for her.
    Is that you on your ironing board in the last pic ??!! 😉

  2. Better cut back on the coffee now Leeanne! Such beautiful quilts and your quilting brings them to life.

  3. Lovelies, every one. Of course, the custom work always catches my eye.
    Isn't Julie funny to ask if that is you on the ironing board? LOL. Of course it is!! ;)