Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have a house........

paper pieced houses
Is it rude to say how much you really like something you've made?
Sorry if it is...but I do love this and wished I had taken a photo of the whole row! Yes there is a whole row of these cute houses.

It is only FOUR more sleeps until my houses come home to me! Yippie, you see they have been away from home since February....why would I send them away? Well they were my part of my Round Robin Row by Row. So they have been off to all the 11 creative people in our group for them to add a row.

On Monday night we get together to receive our bags back and we have no idea what has been created for us the past 11 months....I must remember to take my camera to take photo's of all the other quilts. As part of our group we did a Nine Patch swap too, here you will see them


  1. now it's today and only 3 more sleeps!!!

  2. Oh it is always fun to see how different people added to the round robins. Can't wait to see yours.

  3. And now its only TWO more sleeps!

  4. Oh, and I love them too! Would love to see more.

  5. Wee-hee, NO more sleeps!! 12 hours and 15 minutes to go!!!!