Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Solstice Dream x two!

Yes it's twins again! Janine & Julie are sisters and love to make the same quilt but not together in person because one sister lives in New Zealand and the other in Australia. You may remember when I quilted Julie and Janine's Bird Dance quilts?
Now the question is who's quilt to show first without friendly sister rivalry?!

Quilt information:

Pattern - Solstice Dream - by Kerry Stitch Designs
Measurements - 36" x 42"
Batting - Wool - Purchased from me.
Backing - Supplied by customer.
Quilting - Custom.
Threads - Madeira.


  1. OMG so gorgeous, so much work!!

  2. Eye candy X two! You outdid yourself, Leeanne!! These are amazing!

  3. They are beautiful!! Bet the sisters are delighted :-)

  4. Twp beautiful quilts, so bright & whimsical! And your amazing quilting adds so much texture.

  5. Just stunningly beautiful Leeanne! I do remember their last two quilts also! Gosh is it tricky making sure the machine foot doesn't get stuck in all those tiny felt pieces? Its just gorgeous!

  6. They look amazing Leeanne, those sisters create beautiful works.

  7. They look good together, the same but different. Your quilting is fabulous on both of them, really sets off the applique and embroidery.

  8. Wow these are amazing. Fabulous,fabulous quilting Leanne. Two masterpieces for sure.