Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jelly roll quilt, hussif & Miss Alice!

104" x 87" one big quilt!

 Elizabeth is fast becoming a regular customer of mine. Although this is Elizabeth's first quilt, I have quilted two other quilts for her. Using 2 jelly rolls & some soft buttery cream fabric for borders & sashing this is a soft pretty quilt. Bamboo batting, Madeira Poly Neon threads. The inner part of the quilt was quilted with an all over looping design.
 I was very keen to quilt swooping feathers on the lovely 9" borders but I came up against a wee problem..................

This was unpicked!

Wavy borders!....................................
Usually I notice if any borders are going to cause problems at the point of tacking the quilts up. Unfortunately I didn't realize how wavy the borders were until I was on them! I phoned Elizabeth to make a time to meet up so I could show her the problem. The best thing to do is remove the borders, measure, cut & reattach. But Elizabeth wasn't keen to do that. So we came up with plan B............... Only do the swooping feathers on the corners & quilt a loose open stipple on the remaining parts of the borders. This seems to have solved the problem, but no nice swooping feathers on those lovely wide borders.
The moral of the story is.........ALWAYS measure your border fabric.

I have finished this months Sewing Essentials Project an arm chair hussif.

Nice little pockets to hold scissors, threads, a pincushion.
Some weeks back I went on a road trip with some friends to visit Julie at Threadbear Cottage, there Julie had for sale some lovely dolls. I asked Julie if she could custom make a doll in the fabric leftover from my Buggy Barn quilt. Julie did just that & Miss Alice came home today!!!!
Maybe I should have waited until it was daylight to get a better photo, but I was so happy with her & wanted to share her with you!
Julie is so amazing at making dolls, well making just about anything! She did just as I requested. I think she is perfect.
Did you notice the lovely vintage buttons & a Parisian dyed doily??
Here's Miss Alice sitting on my bed waiting for her quilt to come home!
Tomorrow brings work in my most favourite quilt shop, then off for an annual retreat!!! Yippie, sew, sew & more sew!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by, have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oohhh, Elizabeth is a quick learner.
    She had accomplished a wonderdful job.
    I like her plaid very much.

    I am quilting a little giveaway present at my blog.
    Go and have a look:

  2. Isn't Miss Alice just delightful!! Hope she doesn't get too cold this winter without her quilt to wrap herself in!!

  3. you unpicked the whole border? gosh I would have been in tears by then... so sorry

  4. Valuable lesson on borders.... your solution seemed to be a good compromise. Isn't Miss Alice may be a long winter for her waiting, waiting, waiting! Great looking hussif!!

  5. Miss Alice is wonderful Enjoy your retreat.

  6. What a wonderful doll.
    Oh, how sad about the borders. Your feathers are gorgeous--it won't be the same without them.

  7. Oh Leeanne, what a lot of unpicking there!!! I am so pleased to see Miss Alice looking so happy & pleased to be in her Home & looking very chuffed to be leaning against the Dream cushion :-)
    Have a great time at your retreat my friend, Hugs, Julie xx

  8. Hey Miss Alice is very very cute........Julie is very clever. xxx

  9. The quilt looks beautiful, my worst fear with quilting is the borders not fitting properly!! Your hussif is lovely and I love Miss Alice!!