Friday, April 23, 2010

reproduction quilt

 Here in my hot little hands I have this lovely fabric by Wilmington Prints called "Basically Kaye Shirtings by kaye england I am lucky enough to be making the shop sample for The country Yard. While cutting this out last night I pictured me as Caroline Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, getting ready to make a quilt to keep my kin folk know as a child I always wanted to be Caroline when I grew up, I even named one of my Barbies after her! ( I wanted to be Magnum P.I at one point too!!!)

Anyway, I quickly remembered who I was when I was using a rotary cutter and ruler, and electric sewing machine...AND I actually had electricity! Back to the real world. 

I will keep you posted.
Over and out from Caroline :-)

P.S this lovely fabric is available now from The Country Yard

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  1. This is a lovely range isn't it; I love it's simplicity and the reminder of yesteryears. I look forward to seeing your progress. Happy sewing Caroline!!