Friday, May 19, 2017

A sampling we will go..........................

Welcome and happy Friday (or Thursday depending where in the world you are!) Today's post is all about the sampler quilt Patsy made for granddaughter.

It seems every couple of years one of Patsy's grandchildren turn 21, so for months before the big day Patsy is all ' head down and foot to the pedal'! Each grandchild is asked , if Patsy doesn't already know what their favourite colour is, this becomes the sashing and border colour the rest of the quilt is made up from black and white fabrics.

      There are doilies and family photographs that all come together into a lovely sampler quilt.

                                    Often the background quilting is dictated by the fabrics.

                               So often these quilts become a 'sampler-of-quilting' also.

Patsy likes a backing fabric that shows off the quilting, she also makes a label that everyone at the 21st birthday party can sign. To see some previous blog posts of Patsy's other sampler quilts see *here* and *here*

                       Last photo of the quilt on my machine all ready to go. Thank you Patsy!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Whimsical, Whisper and Mothers Day....................

The theme of my custom quilting "week - or - so"  has been whimsical and feathery.........rather nice!
Lois asked if I could please custom quilt this pretty stitchery sampler for her. I emailed a couple of border ideas for her to choose from even though Lois was happy for me to make the quilting choices.

Lois chose the whimsical feathers for her border so that choice paved the way for the rest of the quilting.................sometimes I work like that, from the border inwards!

The centre stitchery block was too large to leave un quilted so some more whimsical quilting was well suited. The quilt measures 37" x 43" and Lois chose cotton batting.

Thank you Lois. Next up is the sweet little cot quilt Jenny made to take to Scotland for a family member.

I love this panel, so much so that I asked Jenny to buy me one for me if she sees another one like it. Anyhow Jenny wanted edge to edge quilting (aka: E2E or all over quilting) I went with a new panto pattern I had called "whisper" and used Fantasico thread in the colour ' Silverado'. As the quilt is going to Scotland Jenny chose wool batting.

This is such a strange photo because the backing fabric that Jenny supplied is Navy, but look at the photo it looks mauve! Anyhow you can see the fun quilting pattern.

Sunday was Mothers Day and here in Whangarei it was magic weather, perfect for tramping!

A nice leisurely walk up Mt Manaia then back down the opposite side through an old possum trapping track out into farmland. That part was not quite so leisurely!

How was your Mothers Day?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

getting those flimsy's quilted..............................

You all know the saying: 'It's not a quilt until it's quilted'. This is exactly what Denise thought about this pretty little quilt that had been resting un quilted for over five years.

Measuring only 35" x 41" it will make a sweet wall hanging. Denise fancied the soft less formal look of the whimsical background filler.

From there the feathered border was a natural choice. I had hubby video me yesterday doing this same feathery vine on another customers quilt, I posted the video on my Facebook page and Instagram. Then a picket fence filler to make the little on point squares pop.

Apart from the stitching in the ditch all the quilting was preformed free hand on my Gammill Classic long arm quilting machine.
I did chalk the spine of the feather simply as a guide. Thank you Denise.............
Next is the quilt Sue made for her daughter who still lives back in Sue's home town of Texas.

Sue asked for a geometric quilting design as her daughter likes the more modern look. Sue is hoping this will look nice draped over the back of her daughters white leather sofa, I think it will, how about you, what do you think?

The quilting design is called: 'Square Spirals'. Check out the back................................

Last weekend I had some lovely relaxing time starting a new project..........ahhh, don't you love that feeling? The sun was streaming into my little sewing nook, I had some nice music playing and I just had a fabulous time!

After sewing, pressing and trimming I ended up with 71 blocks, although now that I read the pattern............. I was suppose to have 14 half blocks! LOL..........Leeanne read the pattern!
There was the bin half full of trimmings...........

If you are interested I got this pattern as a free download from Craftsy I first saw the quilt made on The Midnight Quilt Show hosted by the hilarious Angela Walters! Oh do I look forward to her video's! Whilst creating I had a helper.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

She sells seashells by the seashore....................

I was one of those people who failed at speed tests consisting of a jumble of similar words, how about you? Could you say that sentence 10 times super fast?
Let me stick with I handed back a very unique quilt to Sue and her husband who graciously allowed me to quilt their magical creation. Made for their beach loving daughters 18th birthday.

Designed and created by Sue and Graham. They wanted to make a quilt that was the essence of their daughter and all she loves. Now I must point out that these amazing parents are not quilt makers, in fact this is their very first attempt!

As I loaded this 77" square quilt on my machine I moved myself into 'the zone'........the beachy zone. I knew the log cabin centre was to represent the sun, then there was the beach, pebbles, shells, waves and boardwalks.

                       Last but not least on this fabulous, unique, keepsake quilt the back.

       Still on the beachy theme I snapped this photo of some new street art here in Whangarei.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Raining rain and quilts!

Hello Happy quilting friends, the rain has set in again here in Whangarei Northland so what better time to invite you along to a look at Gail and Nicki's baby quilts as well as a baby quilt I am making. First is Nicki's creation for her two grandchildren.

Made from a cute little farm range of fabrics, simple triangles using a 60degree ruler, sashings and borders. The pattern is called Zebra Crossing, but Nicki was attracted to the cute farm animal fabrics. Nicki chose the E2E quilting pattern "Whoote-Woo".

Look at the sweet backing fabric too, suits a girl or boy, just as well because Nicki has one of each!

Thank you Nicki, I'm sure your grand-babies will enjoy snuggling and rolling around under and on this cute quilt. The next quilt was made by Gail as a gift for her friends great grandchild, soon to be born, isn't Gail one fabulous friend!

Made up from simple solid squares Gail asked for E2E quilting, she was happy for me to choose, "Gummy Bears" seemed like to good choice.

Gail chose a nice cream on cream backing fabric along with Matilda's Own polyester batting.

Thank you Gail. As you know this blog is a place where I share the huge variety of quilts given to me  by my customers, from time to time I do share a few projects that I am working on personally.
"Woodland Critters" is one such quilt. When I found out I was going to be a 'granny' again later in the year of course I wanted to make the baby a quilt. I found this cutey-pie quilt on the Shiny Happy World website.

I have finished all the applique and machine blanket stitch I just need to come up with three little critters for the smaller plain squares, then I can start piecing the blocks together and make a decision if the quilt needs borders or not.
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