Sunday, July 23, 2017

Esme and Sue's quilts.............

Esme is working through her UFO's, sound familiar? As patchworkers and craft lovers we all have this 'problem' sometimes it's difficult to see light at the end of the textile tunnel, but if you slowly chip away at what you can when you can, you do get there.......unless of course you keep adding to the UFO pile!

Esme had this cheery Laurel Burch wallhanging at the nearly 'ready for quilting' stage for several years, then finally decided it was time to get it finished! Hip hip hooray for Esme!

Measuring only 31" square it packs out the sunshine with the well known cats and brightness.

After I had complete all the stitch in the ditch it was time for the fun parts, some swirls here, some feathers there. Esme wanted a nice backing fabric that reflected the cheerful front.

Thank you Esme, enjoy your quilt and what will be next in that UFO pile to make it to the finish line?

            Sue has rolled out another lovely creation to be gifted to another loved one in America.

Sorry no square straight photo for this quilt, it was raining and when it rains I find the quilts get soggy when I put them through an outdoor photo shoot!

For most quilts Sue gives me to quilt she lets me choose a suitable edge to edge quilting pattern this time was just the same. I chose to quilt free hand feathered backed spirals all over the quilt.
Lastly for the back lovers.................................

I made time this weekend for some professional development. Dragging out one of my UFO's from my personal pile. Here are a few snippets of a nearly finished quilt.

Thank for stopping by......................

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bird Dance................................

Janine's Bird Dance is a show of colour, beautiful hand stitches and a pure joy! I was delighted when Janine asked me to quilt this lovely Sue Spargo design for her.

This little beauty (35" x 41" ) was so much fun to quilt! Basically I just did my quilt doodling. Janine graciously gave me free range, free hand quilting! Are they free range birds too? They look like they are!

There really is stack loads of embroidery detail, so many different stitches, threads, felts and embellishments.............. some of those embellishments had to be constrained as to not get in the way of my hopping foot! Don't worry no feathers were harmed in this procedure.

Janine made this quilt as a sew-along with her sister Julie. I delivered Janine's quilt to Julie as Janine lives in Australia. It was lovely to finally meet Julie as we have been 'blogging friends' for sometime now. I enjoyed a cuppa and sampled some of her scrummy baking!

                                  Don't you love the backing fabric! It's so perfect!

       Thank so much Janine I hope you don't have to wait too long to cuddle your beautiful quilt.

My next quilt? this space and my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Monday, July 17, 2017


After a short holiday while my granddaughter stayed it's time to get back to work, I will start with this blog post about Lois' quilt. Made of many sweet little houses and framed off with a little picket fence, this is hand-pieced quilt. Lois asked me to custom quilt this little treasure for and I was delighted to do so.

Lois used Yoko Saito's book: 'Quilts from Traditional Blocks' and used all the lovely woven muted fabrics that Yoko Saito is known for. The quilting needed to be subtle and not over powering. Everything is stitched in the ditch, some soft stipple in the background of the houses, cross-hatching on the sashing between the houses the straight echo lines on the framing sashing. Lois and I had many email discussions about the quilting for the border, Lois didn't want anything to compete with the picket fence and nothing 'frilly'. So we ,high fived, on organic wavy horizon lines.

Did you notice the house on the bottom right hand corner is facing the opposite direction to all the other houses? Lois tells me she copied that idea from Yoko! I like the odd fence post that is off skew! Lois gave me a lovely piece of linen for the backing and chose wool/poly as her batting choice.

What a pleasure to have had the opportunity to quilt this little sweet quilt, thank you Lois!
My granddaughter is now back home, we had a fabulous time together, sewing, baking, colouring, playing board games, visiting a petting zoo and she even came tramping with me!

Those are some of her Plasticine creations! And the crazy Lego castle that was made over several days.

 Our last day together had us off out tramping. After a short boat ride from Paihia we headed over to Urupukapuka island. Such a beautiful place and we had the island ourselves (27 in our group).

The island is a bird sanctuary that is pest free, so we saw and heard many birds. This area of the island was heavily populated with shags nesting in the trees, it was a sight to see (and smell!).

We also saw many saddle back birds which are such beautiful birds of black and a deep burnt orange.
Image result for new zealand saddle back bird
This image is from Google as I couldn't get a decent photo of these magnificent birds.
making friends on the boat trip!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Laundry Basket Quilt

Hello quilt lovers, nice to have you back for another visit. I have a few beautiful quilts to share with you but not until they are back in the arms of their owners (of course I have posted sneak peeks on my Facebook and Instagram accounts). However the following quilt IS back in it's owners arms so I can share the details with you.

The owner of this beautiful quilt is Kerryn, owner of The Country Yard. A simple yet clever design made up using Laundry Basket fabrics. Kerryn asked for the 'Turbulence' edge to edge quilting pattern. I used Glide thread in the colour 'warm grey' - which is a very soft beige.

Kerryn also asked for the 'Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service'......................Thank you Kerryn!

With the school holidays in full swing here in New Zealand I am taking a short break from quilting to spend time with my eldest granddaughter, who knows what we will get up to!
While tidying up a few loose ends before she arrives I happen to see Juliet's Sew-Along! Bad news for my Running Zebra...........good news for stash busting! So Zebra aside and welcome 'Kingi' my Kingfisher!

Measuring only 9" square I just love this little fella! What fun I had raiding my stash for this. Because Kingi didn't take long to make he was left hanging all alone in my wee sewing nook (with a very depressed and abandoned Zebra!).............s-e-w............I made 'Olly' the Otter too to keep him company!

Now I know for sure they both will need their mates hedgehog (unnamed & unmade) and fawn (also unnamed & unmade) to join them............the question IS will my main stay of fabrics stretch to the other two critters??

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sue's Quilts...........

Sue keeps me busy, she makes many quilts for her loved ones and luckily for me she loves to have me quilt them for her! So today I have two of Sue's creations to share with you, many are Sue's own design, just enjoying the whimsy of sewing pieces of fabric together into a loving quilt.

Sue's great niece lives in Florida and loves the beach, sun and surf. Sue used a fabric that looks like pebbles on a beach. I suggested a Jandal quilting design (a.k.a 'thongs' or flipflops).

The pattern is actually called "Fun in the Sun" often the photo's don't show the thread colours, I used Fantastico 'Stained Glass' a lovely vibrant variegated thread by Superior threads.
That's a shot of the back..................see I do remember, occasionally!

Sue's next creation was made for her two year old granddaughter. Some cute lady bird fabric..........

This all over quilting design is called 'Whisper'. Swirls, loops and feathers. Glide thread 'Linen'.

                                                               A photo of the back?

When Sue got these quilts back she said she would have another one ready for me soon! I'd better get quilting some others in the pile first.

One of the joys of having a designated sewing space means I can leave my current sewing project out ready to pick up with the mood, or as time permits. My Running Zebra quilt is growing very slowly in my little sewing nook, but all  the supplies are there..................

The neck and mane are now attached.....................just needing a body.................until then it's time to hang out in my sewing nook..............

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Margo's Pine Bark Quilt

Hello quilt lovers July is here and so is the wet winter weather. Margo's quilt brings in some sunshine.

Margo made this delightful quilt as a gift for her brother and sister - in - law using Japanese themed fabrics. Margo asked for an all over quilting design and chose "Turkish Tiles" as you will see this design looks very much like a Ginko leaf.

Margo chose Glide thread in the colour 'Light Olive' which picked up the same colour in one of the fabrics and the sashing fabric. Margo supplied her own batting which I think was cotton.

Margo also made two matching cushions, so I loaded them both onto the same batting and backing along with the quilt. Thank you Margo, I hope your loved ones enjoy this fabulous quilt.

Over a series of s-e-v-e-r-a-l months I stitched this cushion for my special friend. A Crab Apple Hill design..................

 Knowing my friend loves Tilda fabrics I thought it would be nice to finish the cushion off using two of these prints.

Today I went tramping, a mix of farmland, forestry roads, thunder and lightening, rusty old relics and mud!