Friday, January 20, 2017

making head way..........................

Being back in the quilting saddle took some getting use to, it does every January. My husband is a school teacher, so over here in New Zealand he is still on holiday, so working while he is not takes some discipline! Anyhow, rest assured I have been quilting away, some of what I have been quilting cannot be shown here on my blog for a while.

The ones I can share with you today are both made by Marcelle, two cot quilts to be gifted to her friends that are having babies very soon. Marcelle, pieced a backing big enough for both quilts and asked for edge to edge quilting on both quilts, same thread same pattern, so I loaded them both together!

The pattern is called 'Stars and Loops', I used Matilda's Own wool batting and Glide thread in the colour 'linen'.

The edge to edge works well on the baby quilts, they will no doubt get burped on, dribbled on, cuddled and many many washes, these are what are traditionally called utility quilts.
The backing was a cute flannel fabric that will wash up so soft and cuddly, extra nice for new babies!

I have been quilting a night sky, complete with sparkly silver thread..........................

This afternoon when I finished quilting for the day I put the final borders on my black n' white jelly roll quilt.

It looks a bit washed out in the photo, but it has a really nice limey/olive green sashing that gives the quilt a bit of pop! I also made some binding, ready for when the quilter has finished the quilting :-)

Flange binding! Bringing some more of that green into the mix. This was a super easy jelly roll pattern, then I added the green and then a border.

Over the holiday period we have been watching a fabulous series called "The Bridge"............If you are not bothered by subtitles and enjoy a who done it, the kind that keeps you coming back for more! This could be for you too.

Last weekend I went tramping with a few friends from Urquhart bay to Ocean beach. Hard work up what seems like endless steps, but the views are always worth the climb. The sign says 5-7 hours one way, but we did it in just a smidgen over 4 hours and rewarded ourselves with a rather chilly swim in the ocean.

Next week I am away on a bit of adventure, a tramping adventure, so I have been planning and packing...................................................

              More on that next time. Until then happy blogging, creating and enjoying life!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello 2017!

Another year done and dusted and another ready to be taken on. A new year of the same stuff and a year of some new and exciting and changes things too!
With all the hustle & bustle of Christmas, the food, the bulging fridge, the boxes of chocolates, abandoned wrapping paper, "granny" being repeated over & over! and sheet changing in between visitors, I did manage to find time for finishing off some projects and even jumped in head first into a quilt top construction!

My sister's partner passed away some 18 months ago, when I offered to my sister I would make her a memory quilt from his clothing I never thought how difficult it would be to construct a cohesive-pleasing-to-the-eye quilt from such an eclectic mix of clothing! I hope the quilt will bring my sister some comfort.

Made from tee shirts, ties, photo's and Hawaiian shirts, ditch stitching and a bit of light custom quilting and machine attached binding and label.

The next quilt I finished was made many months ago from a layer cake called 'Modernism' which is by Barbara Brackman. The pattern is called "Hexagon Hip Hop" a fun name don't you think?

You can see another two quilts *hereby the same design. I have made this quilt for a family friend who will be celebrating a 'notable big birthday' later in the year.

Using my Gammill long arm quilting machine with an all over quilting design (edge to edge) I quilted 'Turkish Tiles' with Superior's fantastico thread 'Pheasant'.

Once again attaching the binding completely by machine this quilt was finally in the finished pile!

Not to show off or anything.......but another finish....................

My granddaughter informed me:"Granny this is a cheat quilt!" All because I used a panel.........hard to find family members that love you these days! I DID piece the side borders as the panel was too narrow, then quilted it, then PIECED the binding..........then attached it by machine!

Edge to edge pattern called 'Marmalade' fantastico thread by Superior  called 'Niagara' - all finished and in my gift box to replenish the ones gifted last year. I found a cute flannel backing...................

Then I started a quilt from a black and white Jelly Roll, not sure when it will get finished or who it's for but I just needed some sewing time and boy did it feel nice!
After a visit to a rather nice wee quilt shop for a border fabric I decided it would be nice with a zing of colour, I found the green in my over flowing  neatly organised stash cupboard.

That quilt may just go into resting or I may squeeze it in to be finished.........wouldn't that be grand!
I had BIG, HUGE plans to make soooo many other quilts, but as usual my time frame in my mind is so different from reality! I must get onto my growing customer pile of quilts.............. Holiday over!

I do have a nice pile of books and magazines that are calling me. I am reading Danielle Hawkin's book ' The Pretty Delicious Cafe', her third book to the others I LOVE it! She has such a way with words that makes a gal of simple words like me envious.

Back in July I received a lovely quilt that the maker Sharon asked only for ditch stitching as she wanted to do the fancy bits of quilting herself. See *here* for my post about this stunning quilt. Sharon has just recently finished this quilt and completed a blog post all about it.............see her post *here*.

Thank you for stopping by, I welcome your comments........................

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last Post for 2016

Welcome! It seems the  Jolly Ole time when bloggers far and wide are publishing their final post as the  year comes roaring to a full stop. So now it is my turn...............................

Sharing the last customer quilt for 2016! Jean's Sue Spargo "Magnolia" quilt. Jean bought this as a kit from Houston, complete with all the luscious wool's, fabrics and ribbons. Jean has been a secret follower of my blog for sometime and informed me she wanted to let me be the one to 'let loose' on her quilt...............very exciting!

Jean likes detailed dense quilting and these folk-style type quilts suit "free" motion quilting..........aka: quilt doodling. Once all the SID was completed it was on with the fun stuff - SID is a bit like flossing your teeth you know it needs to be done but it isn't much fun!

There were a few sections on the border that didn't have any applique so I found a nice heart template as a base, then filled the middle in with micro stipple then quilting doodles surround it to make the heart pop. This type of quilting so so fun, it's free and liberating but I always get fooled by how hard it is on the body to do.

Below the house on the middle of the quilt are two birds, I made a paper template of the bird and traced with chalk on two spots on the border once again not having any applique. As with the hearts I quilted several times around the shape then for the birds I gave them feathers on their wings........well how else will they fly?

When Jean posted me the quilt, she also sent the backing fabric and wool batting, which always gives nice texture and dimensions to the quilt. The only issues I had with this quilt - other than NOT wanting to give it back! was the thickness of the woolen seams................

Other than my 'Deloa's Appliquide' and a straight ruler for SID and for the straight lines seen here on the 'grass' everything was free motion/ hand guided, no computers...........cause I don't have one!

Jean has further embellishing to do now the quilting is complete, I wonder what it will be?

Now how about some attention to the back? A lovely olive green print, from memory it was by Free Spirit?

Thanks ever so much Jean for entrusting me with your amazing quilt. this will bring many hours of enjoyment for you I'm sure.

             Some of you have been asking where is Simon, well he has temporary job...................

Some much work and soooooo little time is what he told me, but then here he is laying down on his Biscornu, perhaps being a stand in Reindeer takes it's toll................???

I want to thank all the visitors to my blog and Facebook page, thanks for your words of encouragement and delight in what I do. Thanks so much all of it means so much to know even though I am at home all by myself quilting away you are there, waiting and interested in what I am doing and have to say! A huge thank you to my lovely customers who keep coming back, handing over your precious creations to have a coating of 'icing/frosting' (quilting) sprinkled on top, I wouldn't be here without you!

See you again in the New Year with more scrumptious quilts and perhaps a sprinkling of other things.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

As the year winds down, why does everything feel so wound up?

That's a question to ponder. Why does there seem to be a rush and almost panic when I head to town for my usual shopping? People driving like there's no tomorrow, shopping like they think the world is ending and they won't get bags of potato chips anymore!

Anyhow you can visit with me awhile for calm and a look at a pretty quilt................
Gillian's charm quilt for a grandchild is ready to have the binding attached and gifted with love. Gillian asked for the all over quilting design (edge to edge quilting -e2e) "Splash" as that is the pattern she had last time and she loves it!

The quilting is over Matilda's Own polyester batting and the variegated thread is by Superior - Fantasico called "Playhouse"..........which is a perfect name for a child's quilt! I had the perfect backing, a lovely vibrant blue with little swirls. Thank you Gillian.

A sneak peek of the lovely quilt I am working on at the moment, my Facebook page will have follow on sneaky peeks if you are interested.

Most of you know I work one day a week at The Country Yard, my local quilt shop, well one of our visiting fabric reps - Claudia was retiring so a special gift was made by the four of us "Country Yard Girls".

Store owner Kerryn and Raewyn and Bernice completed the sweet little stitcheries and pieced the top together leaving me with my part: the quilting and completing the construction of the cushion.

I loaded the cushion front and backs together and quilted fairly simple classic quilting, straight lines and a bit of stipple and of course feathers! You can see in the next photo the two back pieces that I did a rambling feather over both pieces.

When all the quilting was completed I sliced the three sections to their correct sizes, attached binding to the back pieces made button holes, sewed the front and back pieces together, sandwiching the prairie points in between, then stitched on the buttons and binding on the edge of the cushion.
Raewyn made this cute label from a re-purposed doiley, sweet aye!

The cushion was made with a new range of Tilda fabrics. I have been told Claudia was delighted with her special gift!

I have had my Christmas tree and decorations up for a week now and thought you might enjoy a look-see.............................

My Santa display, the next photo is taken at night with the fairy lights shinning merrily!

My upside down Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling, why you ask? Because I can....simple!

              Christmas is even in the bathroom...........ok so I'm bringing out my inner child!

I enjoying seeing all the very special decorations made by friends, myself but the ones I love the best are the ones my kids have made over the years, the chewed bauble - my son asks why I don't throw it away? Because it's special, so it's got a hole in it? So what, it symbolises life, us as humans, we aren't perfect are we, we have our faults, our 'holes'.

Lynette Anderson's 'Christmas Fun'
Gail Pan's 'All Things Christmas'

Gail Pan's 'A Merry Christmas'
So with that completed, there is still a bit more quilting to be done before I take a small break over the Christmas/New Year period. Thanks for stopping by, be calm, stay safe.......................and remember there are plenty of bags of potato chips at the supermarket! :-)