Monday, December 11, 2017

Japanese and Kiwiana Quilt

With every visit from Jacki's daughter who now lives overseas they purchase a Japanese/silk fat quarter to eventually be made into a quilt for Jacki's daughter, this is the end result of that lovely collection.

Measuring 84" x 96" Jacki decided on E2E quilting choosing "Turkish Tiles" and Glide thread in the colour Military Gold.

Jacki found the perfect backing fabric at The Country Yard...................................

Next is the jelly roll Kiwiana quilt Kim made for her son. Kim provided the backing fabric and chose wool batting, E2E quilting - "Allure" which looks like a Maori fish hook and Kim also asked me for the Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service.

                                                        Thank you Jacki and Kim.

A-n-o-t-h-e-r new project may have started for me............................

       I am finding it so exciting and easy to start new projects..................are you the same?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Charity Quilts.............................

Hello! It's been a little while since my last post, lots happening, quilting, sorting and enjoying life, having a balance in life is a good thing! Several weeks back I agreed to quilt some charity quilts for the Auckland Quilt Guild, they give out many quilts to various worthy causes. Here are the first three:

I quilted "Modern Squares" on this scrappy quilt. Someone will finish this off nicely with binding.

I quilted free hand my plump swirls and stars, again someone will finish this off with binding.

Free hand quilting again this time swirling flowers. Isn't this backing a sweet one, hands around the world, perfect for a charity quilt. Please don't ask me the pattern names, as I do not know. These scrap quilts were made by many people.

I have some other quilts to share with you, just waiting on them arriving back in their owners mailboxes.
If you have a quilt top or two you would like quilted before Christmas I have some time available to do so, please let me know.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sue and Pam's Quilts

Welcome back and hello. The sun is out today after a wet and chilly weekend, winter is getting the last word! Today I share with you Pam's wall hanging and Sue's two quilts. First is Pam's wall hanging made for her son after a trip to Alaska together where Pam's son chose this kit from Northern Threads Designs a quilt store they visited while in Alaska. Pam asked me to quilt the same as the sample on the pattern.

Next are two quilts from Sue, all bound for Texas next month. Sue keeps me in steady supply of quilts as she has a big family in Texas that she lovingly supplies with quilts. This first one is for Sue's great grandson and Sue wanted 'Gummy Bears' E2E pattern, Sue has had this design before and likes it for kids quilts.

The back.....................................

The next one from Sue is one made for her granddaughter. Sue asked for Hearts.......I used "Amour".

Sue likes the polyester batting I have in stock. I wish her safe travels and lots of warm hugs when her loved ones receive her heart felt quilts.

I have been distracted from my Running Zebra quilt by this little fella lately, my daughter keeps sending cute photo's and video's of him, making me miss him even more!

And then there is also my new English Paper Piecing distraction. Donna Ward has started a sew along on Instagram that I just fell in love with! I have been reluctantly cutting into some treasured Tula Pink fabric. Here is a progress collage:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Linda's 'Long-Time-Gone' Quilt

What a delightful surprise I had a few weeks back when Linda was up from Christchurch (in the South Island NZ) to visit family, Linda wanted to hand deliver her quilt top to me for quilting.

Linda and I sparked up a Instagram friendship and when she asked me to custom quilt this Jen Kingwell design quilt I was over the moon! Linda pretty much gave me free range. Linda chose wool/poly batting and supplied her own tone on tone white backing fabric, which I must mention made me immensely happy as there was plenty!

I used Glide thread in the colour "White" throughout the fun process of quilting this beauty.

Linda didn't want every seam ditch stitched and I couldn't have anyhow as the seams were pressed opened. I notice more and more pattern designers call for 'press seams open'.......great for reducing seam bulk but.............not so great if you do want to SID.

                             A backing photo...............................

                 And of course the finished front....................................

          Thank you so much Linda for the opportunity to quilt for you, enjoy your quilt!
Finishing this post off with a short video of Linda's quilt.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Edge to Edge, All Over Quilting Design, Panto Quilting.............

They all mean the same: a quilting design that goes over the quilt taking no mind of any piecing, applique etc. I love to get this type of quilting as the quilting goes quite quickly and is of course a good choice for quilts that are going to be snuggled, dragged around, washed lots and also a good choice of quilting for the budget conscious quilt maker. There are many designs to choose from, I also do several freehand designs of my own.
Kerryn, owner of The Country Yard asked for a wood-grain E2E (edge to edge) design on this sweet 'pimped' up cot panel.

The panel is by Gingiber Zest your Nest for Moda called 'Merrily'. Kerryn and her team sliced and diced the panel, pieced some blocks and created this cute quilt! Kerryn also asked for the Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service.

            For this E2E quilting I freehanded this design...............

Next is Ellaleen's Fairy Panel quilt, also sliced and diced! Ellaleen wanted E2E (also freehand quilting) on the panels but not over the peeper she had made.

                     Here is a photo showing the peeper........................

                    The binding (Ellaleen chose The Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service too) and the backing................................

Last but not least is Roz's quilt. Although Roz lives in the South Island of New Zealand she was up Northland visiting family, so she stopped by to deliver her quilt to me. Roz chose the E2E pattern: "Modern Squares" and the thread: Glide's 'Military Gold' and the batting: wool/polyester and also her backing fabric! ( a mustard tone on photo!)

I'm finding this E2E pattern a favourite with many people including myself, it works on many styles of quilts.

Thank you to all those who took the time to comment here and through to my email on how much you enjoy reading my blog and checking out so many styles and types of quilts and of course the quilting............much appreciated!