Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Saying goodbye to September!

Well September is nearly over! Time sure is ticking by, the big "C" word is looming!
 I have three lovely quilts to share, all quite different but all made with love and the world can do with more of that.

First up is Jill's "Life is Beautiful" which is a Helen Stubbings design. Jill asked for an all over quilting design (a.k.a: edge to edge, E2E, panto) , as Jill lives in the South Island she left it up to me to choose a pattern, I went for "Papillon", Matilda's Own wool/poly batting and Glide thread in the colour Bone.

                             Jill even made a cool pieced backing with the leftovers!

Next is the fun quilt Angela made for her granddaughter. Angela also asked for an all over quilting design, but came by to choose a pattern herself and the thread.

Measuring 70" x 86". Angela chose "Camelia's" for the pattern and Glide thread in the colour Cardinal. Angela had her own black batting and fun backing fabric.

                                   And for the backing.........................................

Last for this post but certainly not least is Cat's quilt, lovingly pieced from a huge scrap collection!

Measuring : 77" square featuring many scraps, some I recognise from earlier quilts I have quilted for Cat. The choice of straight lines in the "crosses" using red thread and the newspaper prints I took the liberty of quilting swirls to bring some curves into a quilt that would have otherwise been dominated by straight lines.

                              Cat chose cotton batting and a fabulous RED backing fabric!

                          Thank you Jill, Angela and Cat for allowing me to quilt for you.

Some of my customers ask for the full "Quiltmekiwi" service which is to make and attach binding, what I noticed on one recent job was what happen to my cutting board...................

I cut right through the board! Yikes! Perhaps I have a heavy hand or they just don't make things like they use to? I am sticking with the second theory!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

High Speed Gift Giving!

When your loved one asks at very short notice to make a quilt for someone special as a way of thanks you can't say no, can you? I didn't say no - I said yes!

My loved one is a music teacher and when he heard of one of his exchange students was leaving, the idea of a music/ kiwiana quilt was a nice idea. The luxury of time was not on my side so a lap quilt made from 5" squares in both kiwiana and music themed fabrics worked a treat.

Reasonably quick to piece, even the quilting came together in a couple of hours, Glide thread doing a stipple over the 5" squares then some quilted "Music" (relevant to that child, instrument etc) and "Kiwi" words then machine attached binding and a label.

All good right? I did my good deed and I got that warm fuzzie feeling for making a quilt for someone else! So back to paying customers...................not so quick! Two days later:
"Dear, there is another exchange student leaving, could 'we' make another quilt?"
Did I say no?

No I didn't............I made another nearly the same with a few different fabrics relevant to the student.

I had the other half of black batting from the first quilt (these quilts only measure 41" square) and just enough of the backing fabric! Whew!

A final note, be kind to your fabric stash because you never know when you will have to call on it at short notice!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Shannon's final two quilts

Here I am again sharing the last two of Shannon's six quilts. More scrappy cats and scrappy chickens.

Shannon really busted some scraps for this beauty! Measuring 50" x 50" Matilda's Own Polyester batting, Edge to edge quilting: "Splash" and fantastico thread - Playhouse, this quilt is now ready for Shannon to attach binding then let the kids loose to cuddle under!

Next, another great scrap buster using a variety of coordinating cat themed fabrics pulled together with some red and brown scraps .

Measuring 65" square again Matilda's Own Polyester batting, fantastico thread, colour - Walnut and edge to edge pattern "KittyKat". Here's the pattern on paper.......................

And now on the quilt.............................................

                A close up of some of the characters before quilting! Oh the life of a cat, so bliss!

While away from the machine and out walking Mt Parihaka my eye was drawn to Punga fronds, they seemed to be bursting forwards (or upwards!) where ever I looked.

                                                        And then standing under natures umbrella!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

gift giving.....................................

Hi there and happy weekend to you all! Gift giving has a funny way of making me feel all fuzzie inside. I enjoy making quilts with the intention of giving them away..............do you have that same experience?

You may remember some progress photo's of this quilt that has been in the pipeline for several months. It's called "Metro Hoops", a design by Sew Kind of Wonderful. Fun designs to make with a specialized ruler. See * here* another one of their designs I made, that one was for my brother.

This pattern calls for half a Jelly Roll - 3 Sisters 'Favourites,' a Kona Solid in soft ecru and an accent fabric.
 All those naked areas of course were screaming out for some 'fancy' quilting!

Feathers, curved echos and pebbles worked well to take hold of the naked areas and bring them to life!

Some matchstick quilting and more curved echos and some diagonal lines on the jelly roll rings, all this over Matilda's Own Wool batting and a super soft, ever so creamy flannel backing. The quilt measures 60" x 75".

Pretty happy with how this pretty quilt turned out, even happier when the special friend I gave it to was delighted.......that's the gift giving back to me isn't it!
Fancy seeing the back??

Another couple of quilts that will eventually be gifted to some new babies due this year. Two panels, one that was the perfect size all that was needed was the quilting, the other just needed side borders.

Quilted using 'Splash' panto pattern and flannel backing, machine binding and popped into my gift box waiting for labels when I know the babies names.........that won't happen until they are born!

I have a couple more gift quilts to share but it's all about timing folks! Until then it's back to my customers lovely quilts.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cat's, the alphabet, chickens - lots of chickens!

One of the fabulous things about moving (or maybe not so fabulous?) is the stuff you find. You know somehow discarded in the back of cupboard only to be found like a long lost friend! Shannon recently had this experience when she was moving house and found not one but 6 quilt tops! She asked me if I could please quilt them.........of course!

First a scrappy cats quilt. Shannon tells me these quilts were all made from her scraps and are intended for the kids to use as floor quilts, or make huts etc.
Second is a scrappy fish/water themed quilt.

Next, scrappy alphabets...................all these quilts have Matilda's Own polyester batting and have free hand edge to edge quilting using a variety of colours of Glide threads

This next quilt was such a hoot to quilt! These three hardcase chooks looking back at me, which by the way do have eyes, they just couldn't be attached until after the quilting!

Each have their own little story to tell, but what is it? I had fun just 'doodling' some funky/wacky feathers on the border.

What are these three talking about?? perhaps they are singing: "The Hill's are Alive with the Sound of C Next blog post will be Shannon other two quilts, they are next to go on the machine.

Next is another Chicken quilt! This one is made by Lesley, it's called "Chicken Soup" designed by Mary Lou & Company.

These girls were also characters! Once again, eyes to be attached after quilting- these ladies must love their quilter!

Lesley supplied her own batting and backing. I enjoyed the texture created from the fine 'picket fence' quilting on the gold sashings as well as the feathered border.

I'm sure you have seen quite enough chickens for one day. Thanks so much to Shannon and Lesley for once again letting me loose on their quilts!

Until next time, I will share with this delightful treat I had while out on my morning walk yesterday.