Saturday, May 28, 2016

Quilting May away!

Time flies when you have a yummy stack of fabulous quilts from lovely customers to layer the icing on! But I can only share one with you for now. Marcelle's 'Tri Wee Wander Quilt'. I don't think it has a name but that's the name I have Christened it!

Once again Marcelle has made another quilt to gift friends and family..........I just wished she would give it to me! Measuring 57" x 85" wool/poly batting, Glide and Madeira threads. The quilting consisted of an all over pattern over the triangles then feathers on three of the borders and a wood-grain effect on the bottom border.

True to form Marcelle  made another lovely backing and she made sure there was plenty of it to keep her quilter happy! :-)

I found it difficult to part with this quilt. A love affair began with this 'Wee Wander' range of fabrics by Sarah Jane  back when I quilted this quilt Marcelle made last year using the same fabrics.  So when Marcelle had me quilt this quilt for her I was inspired to make one for myself!

I raided my stash for extra triangles and now it is resting while I contemplate if I want to add borders or not.
Another make from me was a Biscornu, which is French or Italian for 'Quirky'. I have a healthy pile of vintage wool blankets that were my Mum's and plenty of stuffing from old cushion inners and with the aid of my friend YouTube I created one!

It makes a great foot stool or a big cushion for sitting on or lying on in the sun, measuring 28" in diametre. I'm not sure it goes with my other lounge furniture but as long as I don't invite the interior design Police over, who cares!

Last Sunday I went tramping on the Otaika/ Raumanga walkway  the only photo I took was of something I have never seen before............................

Meet Entoloma Hochsetteri a unique blue mushroom that is featured on the New Zealand $50 note. That's right run to your wallets if you have a $50 note to see if that's the fact! Go on, that's exactly what I did.

Simon's group of fans are going to be on my case because he hasn't been showing his mischievous face on the blog for a spell, he is here and IS most certainly mischievous! We have been having visits from the neighbours cat Basil, he is part manx and rather sweet.

Thanks for stopping by, more quilts to share later. Be sure to check in on my Facebook page for nearly daily updates.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Teddy's, "Wholecloth" quilt and a little holiday for me!

The first quilt I have to share is ever so pretty and has the tiniest stitches, it's Pam's "Teddy's at Play" quilt. Designed by Libby Richardson.

Pam likes light custom quilting and no stitching on her stitchery blocks, but we agreed that I had to do some anchor quilting on those blocks. See the 'ditch' stitching carefully executed around the edges of the stitchery using a fine blending thread.

                           The two love birds smooching under the apple tree is my favourite!

On another Libby Richardson quilt made by Pam I did some orange peel quilting on the squares, see *here* for that quilt. Pam asked for the same again.

And because I am going through a swag stage at the moment that's what I did on this pretty border, jazzed up with some feathers!

 I used Glide and Aurifil threads, the quilt measures 53" x 58". Back lovers this next photo is for you.

Pam says this quilt is for one of her granddaughters, what a special treasure and many thoughts will go to Pam over the years of cuddling and loving this quilt.

Next a completely different quilt. Judith's quilt that is simply one piece of fabric that she asked me to quilt which she will give to a friend to say thanks. I call it a "wholecloth" because technically it is.

Judith supplied the batting which was a polyester, I used Madeira AeroQuilt thread in teals and purples. The edge to edge pattern is called " Ribbon's & Roses". The quilt measures 55" x 59".
The back shows off the quilting.

Last week I treated myself to a few days in the South Island to visit my dear friend and what a treat it was! After a short flight and a welcoming hug we went to Annies Country Quilt Store which is jammed packed full of quilty goodness!

            I loved the collection of old hand beaters hang from the ceiling on a wooden ladder.

We also visited Calico Dreams in Rakaia which is a quilt shop and cafe in one. I was so busy drinking my yummy coffee and soaking in the atmosphere I forgot to take photo's, but trust me when I say it may be small but it's well worth the visit.
My friend and I drank lots of cups of tea and we made a good effort at solving the worlds problems all the while enjoying each others company. We basked in a lovely walk to refresh ourselves after all the talking!

We visited some awesome country cafes all with charm and spirit, my favourite one is called Primo. Quirky, bursting at the seams with so many retro and vintage goodies that the yummy food and coffee came to close to going cold because I was so busy looking at all that charm! Below is a wall lined with shelves full of vintage wool blankets, everything in this place is for sale!

After a sad lump-in-your- throat hug goodbye to my pal I had a clear flight home with my face stuck to the window looking out at the snow capped mountains both in the South and the north islands.
I stopped in at Puhio for a late lunch at Puhio Cottage tearooms for a toasted sandwich and biggest scone ever made! I had a lovely spot to myself looking out over the valley, Avery, chooks and sheep.

The view back to where I was sitting......................................................

                           After a nice break away it's back to turning your flimsy's into quilts!
                                              After all "it's not a quilt until it's quilted!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

First quilts, bedhead quilt, soap and a magic Mothers Day!

It's a wet Wednesday here in Whangarei ..............and quite humid.............Mmmmm summer sure is hanging on! Anyhow you are not here to read about the weather, you are here to checkout what I have been up to.
First is Lisa's first ever quilt! You can take it from me she has done a stella job of the construction.

This was a Mystery Stitchery by The Country Yard back in 2012, you may remember seeing this design as I have quilted a few of them. Lisa asked for light custom quilting.

I started out with twirly- whirly tendrils (oh I like the sound of that!) using the popular Glide thread, colour "Mocha" as well as ditch stitching. The quilt measures 48" x 48".

           The stitchery blocks had minimal quilting, the border was treated with a simple swag.
And for the back lovers...............................................

The next little cutie to share is Helen's granddaughter's bedhead quilt. The design is by Lesley McConnell of "Faeries in my Garden".

This photo is taken after I attached the binding and hanging sleeve.....please remind me to take a photo before I attach these, it makes the job of taking photo's much easier.

Helen was keen on cross hatching but not over her stitchery, so I marked my lines to be sure I got nice and straight, but I did spend the time stitching thinking "I sure hope this blue pen comes out".
But all went well. This quilt measures 21" x 34".

I decided a swag border would frame and 'stage' the stitchery quite nicely.............I think it did.

Glide thread again, this time the colour "Cool Mint". These swags have a dense filler on one side to give a bit more drama and oh so lovely texture.

Thank you to both Lisa and Helen, I hope your quilts bring you joy.

In the evenings I have been plodding away at my medallion dark and light quilt. I have been struggling with having enough light fabrics. Only one more quarter to make, so that means something by the way of progress. Just when I thought it would be nice to have my model (aka Simon) around to fill the missing corner, he was nowhere to be seen. Wouldn't he have looked cute laying in that blank spot?

I wish you could smell the next photo. I ordered some soaps off my sweet friend Julie (blog: and have displayed them in my pretty cake stand in the bathroom.

Last weekend I headed off for another tramp and I am sooooo pleased I went as the land is for sale and if it sells quickly it may only be seen by a few, which is a shame as it is incredibly beautiful.

We were guided to this magnificent Kauri tree deep in the bush in the Helena Bay area. Unsure if it was two trees that have been growing together or one that has split. I could stand inside it and to one side the tree was hallow inside. The next photo is taken looking up inside.

Isn't that incredible! These mighty trees have such a presence about them. Sadly many Kauri are dying, so we were asked that our boots were extra clean before setting out. After about two and half hours up hill through bush we came to a lovely spot to take a load off and eat our lunch.

We did get caught in some rain as we descended back to vehicles, but I couldn't have cared less, what a fabulous Mothers Day it was!

Friday, May 6, 2016

It's Friday.............................

Today is Friday and I can now share two quilts that you have seen sneak peeks of on Facebook.
First is Norma's colourful quilt made for her 19 year old grandson.

Measuring 68" x  68" Sew Soft Polyester batting Madeira AeroQuilt thread and Keryn Emmerson's edge to edge pattern "Feathered Shell". (sorry about the post shadow)
I thought I had better take a photo of the back as it's difficult to make out the quilting pattern on the busy fabrics.

Next is Elizabeth's "Boughs of Holly" a Red Button Company design. Elizabeth tells me there a lots of tiny red button's to stitch on the vine...........I love that she saved sewing those on until after the quilting!

Measuring only 20" square this wee quilt packs a punch! I wished I had taken a photo before I attached the binding. Here is a better photo of the textures.

Elizabeth used wool felt for the holly leaves which add lovely dimensions especially with the "McTavishing" heavy background filler. The leaves of course needed some veins, see the before photo...................................

                                 And for the back.......................................

Today I popped out to the garden to take photo's of two of our hibiscus flowers.

A nice splash of colour when there is little else of colour in the garden, other than green that is!

                                            While wandering who should pounce on me!

Thank you Norma and Elizabeth for sending me your lovely quilts to work on. Happy weekend everyone!