Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More customer quilts............................

Welcome back, I remembered I hadn't shown two quilts that I had shared sneak peeks of on Facebook, so here we go.

First is Christine's "Stitchers Garden" quilt. Made at a class at The Apple Basket using many embroidery stitches on your machine. Christine asked for ditch stitching and a few areas with just straight lines, so there is no fancy quilting to show you!

All the blocks have embroidered backgrounds so even if Christine had wanted more quilting it would be limiting. See this post *here* and another* here* for two other Stitcher's Garden quilts made by some of my other customers, they are both quite different.

Once all the ditch stitching was completed, it was just a matter of quilting some straights lines on some of the sashings and the border.

Next is Raewyn's layer cake quilt.

Raewyn wanted an all over quilting design, she chose "Square Spirals" and a Glide thread called Mocha and Matilda's Own "Oh so Soft polyester batting.

Both of these quilts and Margaret's "Dear William" quilt will be on show at the Whangarei Patchworker's & Quilters exhibition in April.

You may have seen on Facebook that the chicken came back for another session in our garden. Apparently her name is "Fatso"......... so the chicken's owner told us. He, the owner, (8yrs old, going on 50yrs!) came around the other night asking if we had seen his chicken. My thoughts went to "Fatso's" well being, perhaps she has left home due to the terrible name she has had planted on her? Perhaps she feels due to her 'fatness' she needs to take up walking? By the way she is not fat, she is rather beautiful.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Naughts and Crosses"

That's the name of this quilt I made several weeks back. Made from a layer cake and a solid cream.

The layer cake is by Sandy Gervais for Moda, the range is called "Everlasting" which how I feel about my friend I have gifted this to.
Scroll through the quilting, label and binding process............................

Matilda's Own Wool batting would have to be my favourite batting, so nice to work with and it shows off the textures of the quilting brilliantly.

Some straight framing lines, 'scribbling' and pebbles add some delicious textures to keep your eye wandering over the quilt.
Can you spot my 'Amish' (AKA- humble block) block in the next photo?

I used a Glide thread for the swirls and loops in a colour called 'Bark' and the cream squares I used a cream Madeira thread.

I saw a photo on Pinterest which lead me to kelbysews blog, she had made this quilt, no mention of where the pattern came from, although I am supporter of buying patterns, there wasn't one to buy (not that I could track down). It was easy to add cream squares to the layer cake squares and trim! You see I made the flange binding again, here's the link for the tutorial if you missed last time.
Then there was the label, same heart felt saying as on some earlier quilts, this time drawn on a vintage doiley that my friend gifted me.

I have been keeping up with regular walks up and around Mt Parihaka as I am keen to take on the Tongariro Crossing again this year, so I have to keep up my fitness and it's just so lovely up there!

                                    Check out the view from the worth it!

                         That's a south/west view of Whangarei, looks amazing on a clear day.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dear William

Hello and welcome to February! The year is into fifth gear already! Well it certainly is for me.
Today I share the lovely quilt Margaret made, it is a design by Michelle Hill, William Morris inspired called "Dear William".

Margaret wanted her applique to really show but also wanted some knockout quilting to complement her beautiful machine applique. After several discussions we came up with a go for it!

So I went for it! Many hours of quilting and who know's how many metres of thread! Tiny detailed pebbles with the odd swirl here and there and that was AFTER the stitching around ALL the applique.

              Margaret chose wool/poly batting which helps make the applique and the quilting pop.

When that part of the detailed quilting was complete I moved onto the borders, which is actually one piece. The border is a busy fabric so I went with piano keys quilting and "e"'s for the outer pink which seems to frame the quilt rather nicely.

                      Back - lovers - hold - onto - your - hats! You are going to love the back!

Margaret was delighted with her quilt and said we made a good team! I am more than happy to agree with her.

On a non quilting front I wanted to share my frequent dilemma when sitting outside for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner................................

Monday, January 25, 2016

Permission to share and a treasure!

Hello readers, my last post I shared two sneak peeks, one is still on the machine being quilted so the sneak peeks will continue on that one, but the other quilt is back in it's owners arms and I have been given the OK to it share it with you all!

Cat - of Catalina's Cottage is back in full force thinking of others , creating for others because she cares.
Made from scraps and a whole heap of love, this lovable, hug-able quilt is going to one of Cat's friends that she felt needed a quilt hug.

Cat chose "Amour" all over quilting design, the hearts are a perfect choice. I did add an extra heart in between the large heart and the inner smaller one, but every so often I left the extra bit out, just for interest.
Polyester batting was Cat's choice and two vintage sheets for the backing. I chose a yellow thread called 'Sunshine'. The quilt measures 70" x 78" so it is an excellent size for snuggling up under, especially when the cooler months they way are they coming soon? I have been melting the last few days here in Northland!

Just recently my sisters and I had the job of sorting our parents life long possessions, a big job, many parts were very difficult, but thankfully there were some fabulous parts. Like finding old photo's, some really funny ones and trinkets that wouldn't mean much to anyone else except us kids. Something that pulled at my heart strings was Mum's apron. I remember her wearing this apron, it is patched from clothing remnants, After a good soak in napisan, then another soak, then a wash in Lavendar wool wash (this had been in storage for many years in not a very suitable environment) I gave it a cuddle and remembered the cuddles I received while she wore that apron. I had forgotten until that moment. Rest in peace Mum.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Back in the quilting saddle.

Thank you for your emails asking how I have been, you have been missing my blog posts and Facebook posts. I did have a good reason for the break, truly I did!
 I have had a lovely restful holiday pottering around, enjoying the company of family and of course some creating.
I had my granddaughter to for a week, the first thing she wanted to do was make a quilt............Awesome I thought, what quiltmakin' granny wouldn't be over the moon about that!? Completely her design, she wanted it to be a rainbow quilt.

When the rainbow raggy quilt was finished, 9 little 'quilts' were also made for her Guinea Pigs. Not sure they will stay nice and won't be worth laundering, but she was so happy and content to just sew away creating from the stack of fabric and batting pieces I gave her. Time to empty a draw out just for bits and pieces for her sewing time at grannies house!
Several trips to the playground were made as well as a trip to the beach and out for lunch, but other than that she was happy and content to sew and play with the Lego. Pretty easy!

I did finish a quilt for myself, which I really enjoyed making. Quite different to what I usually make  myself but I like this pattern and when I quilted this quilt fell in love with the fabric!

The fabrics remind me of my childhood, roaming in the long grass, riding my horse and hearing what was and still is one of my favourite songs "Wildfire" by Micheal Martin Murphey.

So down to the facts about this quilt:

"Tick Tock" - from Alison Harris' book Growing Up Modern.
Wee Wander fabric by Sarah Jane and a ecru Moda Solid.
Matilda's Own Wool/Poly batting.
Cream flannel backing fabric - super soft and cuddly!!
Panto Pattern: " Amour".
Thread: Superior Thread Omni 'Almond'.
Flange binding.
Finished size: 65" x 85".

Side by side while my granddaughter sewed her Guinea Pig quilts I also made more Scrappy Crossroads blocks.

The title for the post is "back in the quilting saddle", which I am, back quilting for my lovely customers, the postie is visiting more and more, with quilt tops packaged up ready to have some 'frosting' applied. ("Frosting" - a fun whimsical way to describe quilting). I can only show you sneak peeks at this point as one quilt hasn't arrived home to it's maker and the other is being quilted. This one was made with such love and warmth I could feel the love coming out of the fibres! Once again the hearts are perfect.

This one is not going to be finished in a hurry, it is a fairly full on custom job, but will be stunning when finished. The maker of this quilt popped around with her teenage grandchildren to see the long arm machine in action on her quilt. I can report she is over the moon with what I have quilted so far.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you aren't melting in this heat we are experiencing!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Play time.........................

Happy New Year! I am hoping you have soaked up a wonderful Christmas and of course a fabulous start to 2016. A fresh start, no New Years Resolutions here, just one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, all the while allowing peace and happiness to consume me.
With the official Christmas season behind us it was time to put away the few Christmasy bits n' bobs I had out on display.

Amazing what you find in cupboards when looking for something completely different! How could I have forgotten this beautiful quilt! I bought this hand pieced, hand quilted grandmothers flower garden quilt from an antique shop a few years back. It is quite fragile in places, but I may as well have it out to enjoy.

My snowmen needed to be rounded up and herded to a different location in the house.............."snowmen out when it's not Christmas"? ........."snowmen out when it's summer"? Yes welcome to my snowman world!

One outing to town saw me purchasing a lovely pot in memory of my Mum. I had been given some money and a voucher for use at a garden centre from a couple of friends. Now fondly known as "Mum's Pot" :-)

                            I have finished two more quilts for family members, wanna see???

This one is for one of my nieces who constantly asks me when am I going to make her a quilt, oh and Aunty Leeanne you know I love purple right? So purple is not my number one favourite colour, I knew it was her's, so I thought I would make use of some of my scraps and pull them all together with purple sashings and borders.

A few years back I saw Joan's post on her "Joan's Window's" quilt, post *here*  I guess I can call my version "Angela's Window's.

The backing and a photo of the label, once again I used part of one of Mum's hankies for the label.

I had to dig deep in my stash for some bigish purple fabrics for this pieced backing.

                            The Facts:

                            "Angela's Windows" Blocks.
                             Matilda's Own Poly Batting.
                             Finished size : 56" x 69"
                             Panto Pattern: "Butterfly Charm" by Lorien Quilting.
                            Thread: Madeira's Aero Quilt, a variegated in purples.
                             Flange Binding: from Missouri Quilt Company. See below for tutorial.

Here's a peek at another quilt finished with this awesome flanged binding, this is my new way to bind quilts people! So pretty and fresh, but quick too.

Another quilt finished, well to be honest, I finished this back at the start - mid last year! I just needed to add binding.

Using Kiwiana fabrics and using this super quick pattern this quilt came together quickly, not sure why the heck I waited sooooooo long to bind it??!!

                                           And one of those special labels again!

                             The Facts:

                            Giant Chevron Quilt Pattern: from Craftsy *here* 
                            Finished quilt size: 53"x 72"
                            Fabrics: Kiwiana
                            Quilting: Light custom.
                            Warm & Natural cotton batting.
                             Standard Binding stored like this: this is a tangle free way to store your binding!

     More scrap sewing has been absorbing my time, what a joy to see these pieces from quilts gone by! More purple for another purple loving family member.

I found this block, called: Scrappy Crossroads on Lori Holt's Bee in my Bonnet blog - see *here*. Using more of the solid purple that I used in Angela's Window's and my 2" scrappy squares. Loving these blocks!

With all this pottering about, creating new blocks & finishing quilts, I have cleaned some window's and the long awaited oven clean........oh my it looks like a new one! Plus some more lovely bush walks up and around Mt Parihaka and the town basin loop.

                                     All the while being supervised by this bloke!!!