Saturday, February 25, 2017

Secret Saturday!

Hello friends and quilt lovers, glad you could make it back for a visit. I'm pleased to share some quilts that have been secrets for a few weeks, only the odd sneak peek here and there that is until now!
The lovely quilt store where I work one day a week had it's annual 'New Years Launch' today. (even though we are well into the New Year, the girls need time to make all the lovely goodies)

First from this pile is "Block" from the Growing up Modern book. Kerryn, shop owner extraordinaire asked for the  same quilting as featured in book for this one.

Looks a bit like giant Lego blocks don't you think? I used Fantastico thread in the colour 'Playhouse'.
Kerryn also had me attach the binding completely by machine.

A snippet of the backing...........................................

Next is the second quilt for the shop, from the same book, "The Colour Block Quilt. This time Kerryn went for edge to edge quilting.

I chose 'Turbulence' using Glide thread in the colour 'Linen', once again Kerryn asked for a full binding service.
And the back...........................

The last one (for today, more another day) is an inspirational piece, made just for that purpose to inspire, sometimes when you see bolts of fabric in a range something needs to be made so the customers can really see the fabrics.

Kerryn asked for 'organic' cross hatching and the full binding treatment. There a some super cute fabrics in this range, called 'Darling Little Dickens' soft and muted.

So there are three quilts I have another two to share soon. I will leave you with a couple of photo's of my last adventure out tramping. See you again soon!

A dipping of feet as we wove our way back and forth over this stream.

Fancy rustling up a gourmet meal in the 'rustic' -rusty oven?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

quilts for little people.............

            Hello weekend lovers and another busy week has come to an end here at Quiltmekiwi.

A lovely mix of edge to edge quilting (all over quilting) and custom quilting. From this scrumptious pile of quilty goodness I can only share three quilts with you at this stage. First is Anne's charity quilt. Anne had grabbed several quilts from her local quilt guild that needed to be quilted before being given to women's refuge, sadly Anne had 'life stuff' happen that put a hold on getting all the quilts finished, so when she asked me if I could help with the last one, I was more than happy to help.

With edge to edge quilting of 'Amour' using Madeira AeroQuilt thread in mauve's and bluey teal shades over cotton batting.

Next is another quilt with edge to edge quilting this time the pattern is called 'Groundcover' using Glide thread in the colour 'Willow' over polyester batting and a super soft cream flannel backing. This is Shannon's creation for her soon-to-be-born baby.

Shannon was feeling a bit pink in the face as this new-to-be-born baby had no quilts but her two other children had many! Shannon I'm sure your new baby won't hold it against you, maybe not until the teenage years. :-)

Last but not least is Nicki's fabulously beautiful cot quilt for her soon-to-be-born grandchild.

With free rein on the quilting I used Glide thread in the colour 'Peacock' over wool/polyester batting and lemon flannel backing...................

I'm so pleased Nicki gave me the freedom to quilt because these sweet little elephants said "please do your feathery quilting doodles Leeanne!" Nicki was delighted with the results.............that whew moment washed over me!

Look at them all lined up for an adventure. This pattern was in the latest NZQuilter magazine. Nicki popped along to her favourite quilt shop, The Country Yard for help with fabric choices.

Fancy that I even took a photo of the back............................................

Thank you so much Anne, Shannon and Nicki for letting me quilt for you. May the little people that receive these quilts feel love and comfort from them.

When working at The Country Yard yesterday I spotted this little fella weaving in and out of the stone wall. These Stoats are very attractive but a huge pest to our native birds.

Speaking of native birds while out walking I had to take a photo of this lovely art work, our town's number of fabulous street art is growing.

When the postie beeped his horn for me the other day, I rushed out and pick up another delivery of quilts and was ever surprised upon opening one of the parcels it was from my very dear friend Julie from over at My Threadbear Life blog, the smell was got me first! Her lovely potpourri.........the smell is heaven! But that's not all there was a gift I had to assemble myself.................................a herb planter.................

                                  Thank you so much Julie, you made my week!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A quilting I will into the sunset...................

Hello! Yes I am still here..................I have been chained to my machine and two quilts is all I can show for it! Too many secret quilts, mind you they say good things take time don't they? So without further-a-do the quilts.
First is another of Kim's fairy quilts for one of her granddaughters.

A sweet fairy panel with several rounds of borders to bring the panel up to a larger size. Kim choose her favourite Matilda's own batting of a wool/poly mix. I used 'Butterflycharm' for the edge to edge quilting pattern and Fantasico thread in the colour 'Unicorn'.

The backing was nearly perfect.....................................P.S if you are having a touch of "deja vu" it's because just before Christmas I quilted another one for Kim the same!

Next is a sweet quilt made by Donna for a nephew soon to be born. Donna asked for the same quilting as the pattern: Shwin & Shwin Fox Quilt and cotton batting.

Donna tells me she will attach or embroider eyes, well done Donna saving that until after the quilting!

When Donna posted me the quilt she included fabric to make and attach the binding for her as well as a super yummy backing fabric, a soft muted beige with abstract diamond shapes, the same as the binding.

That's it for customer quilting, all that I'm allowed to share for the moment, although you may have been seeing sneak peeks of on Facebook and Instagram :-)

Remember the black n' white jelly roll quilt I was working on in the holidays? Well I did manage to finish that, it's now in my gift box already for it's new home.

Super happy with the turnout of this one, I think the green zinger on the first border and the peeper on the flange binding make this quilt.

It's difficult to see the edge to edge quilting pattern but it's called 'Resplendent' over a black blend batting with Glide black thread and black backing fabric.

      If you missed the post with the video on to make this flange binding here it is again!

At my last post - three weeks ago! - I mentioned I was heading off on a tramping adventure and it was an adventure up to and around Cape Reinga!

We were shuttled to Spirits bay where we had lunch then tramped (kiwi talk for hiking) to Pandora campsite where we pitched tents for the night then promptly got eat alive by the worlds largest population of mosquito's! Thankfully when we left there that was the last of them, save a few that survived being rolled up inside our tents! From here we headed to Tauputoputo campsite.

Another night in tents then saw us off to the lighthouse at Cape Reinga..........................................

that's me on the outside right with the red pack

From here we headed to Twilight beach campsite, our last night. Somewhere from here to the last camp I lost my sunhat :-(

Once at the beach and the tents were up, dinner eaten and a wash under the tap as the ocean was far too rough to have a swim in I sat and watched the sun go down...........magic!
Next morning up and off at 7.30am to TePaki stream then a 3km walk upstream to be picked up again ready for our 4 hour drive home. A total of 42km's and a lifetime of memories.

Friday, January 20, 2017

making head way..........................

Being back in the quilting saddle took some getting use to, it does every January. My husband is a school teacher, so over here in New Zealand he is still on holiday, so working while he is not takes some discipline! Anyhow, rest assured I have been quilting away, some of what I have been quilting cannot be shown here on my blog for a while.

The ones I can share with you today are both made by Marcelle, two cot quilts to be gifted to her friends that are having babies very soon. Marcelle, pieced a backing big enough for both quilts and asked for edge to edge quilting on both quilts, same thread same pattern, so I loaded them both together!

The pattern is called 'Stars and Loops', I used Matilda's Own wool batting and Glide thread in the colour 'linen'.

The edge to edge works well on the baby quilts, they will no doubt get burped on, dribbled on, cuddled and many many washes, these are what are traditionally called utility quilts.
The backing was a cute flannel fabric that will wash up so soft and cuddly, extra nice for new babies!

I have been quilting a night sky, complete with sparkly silver thread..........................

This afternoon when I finished quilting for the day I put the final borders on my black n' white jelly roll quilt.

It looks a bit washed out in the photo, but it has a really nice limey/olive green sashing that gives the quilt a bit of pop! I also made some binding, ready for when the quilter has finished the quilting :-)

Flange binding! Bringing some more of that green into the mix. This was a super easy jelly roll pattern, then I added the green and then a border.

Over the holiday period we have been watching a fabulous series called "The Bridge"............If you are not bothered by subtitles and enjoy a who done it, the kind that keeps you coming back for more! This could be for you too.

Last weekend I went tramping with a few friends from Urquhart bay to Ocean beach. Hard work up what seems like endless steps, but the views are always worth the climb. The sign says 5-7 hours one way, but we did it in just a smidgen over 4 hours and rewarded ourselves with a rather chilly swim in the ocean.

Next week I am away on a bit of adventure, a tramping adventure, so I have been planning and packing...................................................

              More on that next time. Until then happy blogging, creating and enjoying life!