Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rounding up the week.....................................

This is Nicki's joyous and cheerful quilt ready to be gifted to her first grandchild soon to arrive.

Creating movement and air was my first quilting objective, I believe I nailed that with the swirls. Nicki has done lovely satin stitch on all the applique shape edges.

An echoed ripple works as a nice border finish. Thank you Nicki, enjoy being a grandmother!

Next is Pam's Turn Twenty quilt made from a bundle of fat quarters that called her name and she just had to buy them! Anyone else know that feeling?

These photo's are all taken inside due to the visiting rain......once again! Swirls again but with feathers on the outer edges of the swirls.

All the quilting is done free hand on my Gammill Classic long arm machine. The pattern on the border fabric is a 'stipple' pattern, so after a few moments trying to decide what on earth to quilt out there, I thought use the fabric as your guide, so stipple it was!

Such a pretty backing fabric! Pam asked me to attach her binding so all she needs to do now is snuggle on a comfy chair near the log burner with a nice cuppa and stitch that binding down!

When the sun was out in full force on Tuesday Simon made the most of working on his tan :-)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Simple Life and To Be Content.........................

  The Simple Life and To Be Content, doesn't everyone seek these 'things'?
I cannot offer any advice on how to get there, except that perhaps leading a simple life leads to contentment?
Anyhow, you are here to see quilts......glorious quilts! You will not be disappointed as I have two really beautiful ones to share with you.

First is Noeline's lovely quilt made for one of her lucky granddaughters, it's called 'The Simple Life'. This is an Anni Downs design. Meaningful and thought provoking stitchery and applique blocks sprinkled over a scrappy pieced background.

I have been fortunate to quilt several of Anni's designs over the years and they never disappoint. Noeline likes to add her personal touches to her quilts, through embroidery stitches to colour choices. One added touch on this quilt is the embroidery of a delicate vine on the inner border.

Noeline left the quilting designs up to me, I kept things fairly simple with a looping vine of leaves and flowers in the background. I framed the quilt off with a swag design on the border.

Thank you Noeline. If by some chance your granddaughter doesn't want this beautiful quilt I know of many people that will have their hands up for this one!

Next up is Lesley's quilt................................

Another lovely quilt with beautiful stitchery and applique. This quilt is a design by another Australian designer, Gail Pan , this one is called 'To Be Content'. Again I have also quilted several of Gail's designs over the years.

      Lesley carefully selected her fabric from The Country Yard specifically for this design.

                    Gail was telling me this was one of her earlier designs,  so sweet isn't it?

The back shows up the textures nicely, not that you will see them once Lesley has this hung on the wall, she bought a lovely wrought iron quilt hanger.
Thank you Lesley, enjoy your quilt!

While out mowing the lawn the other day, yes it has actually stopped raining for a spell! Long enough for the soggy lawn to dry out and the smiles creeping back on folks faces. Oh yes, while out mowing the lawn I had to take a photo of one of my Magnolia's in all it's glory.

These large graceful flowers open to the size of a small dinner plate. The tree is stripped of all it's leaves, then is swarming with these large elegant flowers.

Until next time, seek out the simple life.............................

Monday, August 15, 2016

Timeless Traditions.......................

Timeless Traditions is a block of the month. I recently quilted the sample for The Country Yard.
Kerryn (owner operator) asked for simple custom quilting.

All the required stitching the ditch was knocked off first then some stipple in the background of the applique blocks including the applique borders, then some simple classic straight lines.

The quilt measures 78" x 90" which would make a nice quilt for a bed, top it off with some matching cushions, pillow's and perhaps a teddy bear!

On Sunday I headed off for a tramp around the coast starting at Tauikura Bay, along the beach around the base of Mt Aubrey then from Reotahi up and over Mt Aubrey returning to Taurikura Bay.

This photo was taken from McClouds Bay/ Little Munro Bay where 'Castle Rock' is. I loved how the sun was streaming through the Pohutukawa  tree.

Me, feeling rather proud that I made it to the top of Mt Aubrey - scrambling - then trying to stand at the top will jelly legs! Behind me is Marsden Refinery and further off is Waipu. This is just three of the twenty something photo's I took. We were blessed with a mild sunny winter day.
Sue C - note my 'tramping troll' leggings!

Next up on the quilting machine.....................................

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wrapping up the quilting week and a bit of last week too........................

Hi there friends! Nice to have you back for another visit to see what I have been up to. Quilting and a bit of tramping and of course other life necessities, that's what's been happening!

The first quilt to share is Sue's, lovingly made for one of her granddaughter's who is soon to marry a man from Turkey. I think Sue did well to add some touches of Turkey through the quilt.

Sorry no full photo, much too soggy and wet to be taking quilts outside at the moment. The bulk of the quilt is made with creams and whites, then Sue added the strips of the richly colourful 'Turkey' fabric. She asked for an edge to edge design and chose 'Pashmini' and she also chose the Maderia AeroQuilt thread in the following shades top and bobbin:

The quilt measures a rather large : 88" x 107". I'm sure it will be well loved and treasured throughout the years.

The next quilt is also one of Sue's. A cute little ( 42" x 44") one made for a special little girl for her first birthday.
Edge to edge pattern : "Butterflycharm", thread Gunold in softly pinks - white.

                          You can see the butterfly's on the pretty backing quite nicely.

      Next is Gaynor's Chateau Hexagon quilt. A Lynette Anderson' button Mystery from 2015.

These are sweet little quilts with so much charm and interest with the stitchery, applique and the finishing touch of the hand painted buttons, which Gaynor will add now the quilting is complete. Gaynor ask for light custom quilting.

Adding a few quilted flowers in between the beautifully hand stitch flowers added a point of difference and dimension.

At 26" x 37" this makes for a perfect wall hanging in an entrance way or a sewing room. Below is a photo of the back.................................

Last weekend I did a couple of small tramps and spotted a few photo worthy opportunities that had me stop and take my phone out to snap a shot.

And this as I came round the corner................ a scramble under the fallen tree then a quick phone call to the council to alert them.

 That was part of last week and part of this week, I hope your's was interesting and productive?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Log cabins, hearts, butterfly's and seashore cottages.......................

Hello friends, happy Tuesday evening to you. Here in Northland the weather has been a mix of rain, wind, rain and more wind and rain! Thankfully no quilts blew away while being photographed!

The four quilts I am showcasing this evening are all Marcelle's creations. The first is a wonderfully scrappy log cabin delight! I loved it's tossed aqua appeal. Marcelle asked for edge to edge quilting, I chose "Turbulence". Not the most attractive pattern name but this pattern is liked by most.

We used Matilda's Own Polyester batting and Fantastico thread by Superior - colour "Playhouse". Marcelle pieced a fun loving backing, retro children playing.

Next are two twin quilts for Marcelle's twin 3 year old daughters. They are once again scrappy but they are different, see if you can spot the differences.

Miss 'B' loves hearts, whilst Miss 'F' loves butterfly's. In both quilts is Matilda's Own polyester batting and Madeira thread. You can see some of the fabrics have sparkles, perfect for little girls.

Last but not least on "The Marcelle List" is her "Suburb's" quilt by CluckCluckSew. This quilt reminds me of seashore cottages...............................

            I could not get a great photo of the whole quilt, shadow's or Simon looming around!

       The quilt measures 63" x 91", Matilda's Own Wool/poly batting, Glide and Madeira threads.

The sky on this quilt was inspired by the particularly winding day present when the quilting took place. Looking at the seashore cottages now has me thinking they also look like boat sheds.

Now the back for this quilt is very clever, a row of cottages, check it out............................Wouldn't it have been amazing if the quilting matched up front and back on the cottages!