Tuesday, December 16, 2014

back to nature

Not me, no time for that just yet, but this is the theme of my post today.

Diane has made the first two quilts, both from wolf panels. Now if you have ever worked with panels you will know from experience that these are not the easiest to work with, but get this, these two quilts are Diane's very first quilts! Yes I kid you not and what's more no pattern, not kit, no instructions she made the design and up herself!

Diane chose an all over quilting design for the first quilt which will be a lap quilt for her Mum for Christmas. Diane's Mum is crazy about wolves, so I am sure getting two wolf quilts will fill her need.

Sorry not the best photo, I took this one inside due to the rain outside. Diane chose an all over design for the middle section then I chose a wood grain effect for the black border.

So there you go, didn't Diane do famously!!

Next is a quilt Kim made for her son for his birthday which is soon after Christmas.

Made from a Kiwiana Jelly Roll plus a few extras for sashing and borders. Kim also asked for and all over quilting design with a Maori theme.

Thanks so much ladies, I hope the recipients of these quilts love them and appreciate the time and love you have put into making them.

I had to cut two of the dark red Gladioli and three of the white as the wind and rain had knocked them over, so sad. We are really being hit by some very stormy weather here in Whangarei.
My thoughts have been with my two daughters and granddaughter that live in Australia, you can't help yourself when such tragic things as those that unfolded in Sydney happen so close to loved ones.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chateau Hexagon

Yes poppets FINALLY finished! So many months, many of them were spent resting (the quilt, not me!)

I bought my patterns from The Country Yard way back.............................crikey LAST year!
Lynette Anderson has designed many Button Mystery Block of the Months, see here for the first one 'My Garden', then here for 'Christmas Fun'.

Because I have a love affair with Kansas Troubles fabric (designed by Lynne Hagmeier) this was my choice of fabrics along with some wool felt.
The background fabrics came from my large loyal collection of creams.

Lynette designs the cutest hand painted buttons that really bring a quilt to life. As you can see I had fun playing with feathers on the border, I think I may go back and add more quilting in the blocks, for now it is hung in my bedroom on the quilt rack my son made me.

If you remember I had a few problems with the appilque (see here for the post about that) but Lynette was a fabulous help to me, she came up with a new setting for my blocks and asked me if I would test the new Apliquick Tools she had just started to stock. Please see this post for that story and tutorial.
There is no going back to 'the other way of appliqueing' for me!

Loving my vintage doliey for the label. Check out your local Opshops/charity stores...................if I haven't already bought them all!

This quilt looks lovely in my room with my Buggy Barn 'Quilters Village' quilt and cushions.

Another finish, this time Christmasy.

This time the fabrics were Lynette Anderson's, the thread: Cottage Garden 'Waratah', the stitchery was from Chestnut Junction the cushion construction was just me playing one Sunday afternoon some weeks back.

Friday, December 12, 2014

I will be coming up for air soon!

It has been full steam ahead in my quilting studio, working hard to get all my lovely customers quilts finished in time so they can give their beautiful creations as Christmas presents.
First is a fabulous quilt made by the talented Juliet.

Juliet is a clever pattern designer, all her creations are for foundation paper piecing, see here and here for two of her other quilts.
Juliet trusts me to, quote: "have fun" quilting and lets me come up with the ideas.

One bear............................two bear!

I enjoyed quilting swirls and pebbles around the bears, then I ditch stitched all the paper piecing ditches, then took sometime deciding what on earth I was going to quilt on those bears!

I used a fine blending thread to quilt different 'textures' on the different fabrics, hopefully creating movement and interest.

Because I knew this quilt was being gifted to Juliet's son I didn't want the quilting be feminine.

Ribbon candy and a leafy vine seemed like good choices to me. Juliet chose cotton/bamboo batting. This quilt measures:54" x 84".

Aren't these paws awesome!! Lots of little pieces make up each paw.
Thanks so much Juliet.

Next up is Leonie's quilt, made once again for a gift for her sister in law.

"Pacific Crest" from a book called: Beyond Neutral by JQAdams. Measuring 71" x 82", cotton batting.

Quilted in varying horizontal lines for a clean crisp modern look. Leonie says her sister in laws favourite colours are yellow and blue.

Leonie made a pieced backing from vintage sheets.
This next photo is for you Sue.................I told you the supervisor was back!

Lastly, what I was working on today.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Baptist Fan

Margaret's first quilt, didn't she do well! Made from a Jelly Roll, she asked me to quilt an all over design (aka 'edge to edge'). I quilted the ever popular Baptist Fan using a Glide thread called "military gold.

Margaret had a go at quilting this herself but gave up and asked me to please help by quilting it for her, I was happy to help!

There you go you back lovers, sorry Sue, 'the cat' must have been sleeping rather than supervising on this day.
Thank you Margaret.

One day while looking for just one table runner I got sidetracked  busy putting out some of my Christmas decorations.

My fairy lights I have out all year got wrapped around the stack of old suitcases.

Some fabric Christmas trees made years ago and the Santa penny mat I had forgotten  had made until I found him with all the other decorations, that is like Christmas!!

My 'collection' of snowmen..................well it is a collection if only three!
Who has their decorations out and tree up?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

For the children.....................

Hello bloggy pals! Happy to share a post with you today, three quilts made by Marcelle extraordinaire!

(Sneaky peeky sun!) Marcelle has featured many many times on my blog, not only does she make lovely quilts but she is a very busy mother!
The first two quilts she made for her twin daughters who I think are nearly two??
First is 'patchwork chevron' by Jeni Baker, you will find the pattern here on Moda bake shop.

For those of you who follow my quilting days on Facebook you might remember seeing my sneak peek of these feathers.
Marcelle ask for custom quilting on both quilts.

Ditch stitching, echo lines and feathers! Feathers, free flowing, see where we go kinda feathers! Nice to add a heart or two.

A flower or three! Of course it's nice to add some pebbles and swirls, these create some eye candy texture.

The pieced blocks got the pattern meandering in a riot of colour in the Maderia variegated thread.
Marcelle made lovely pieced backings for both quilts.

Quilt facts:
Fabrics :'Woodlands' by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches and a Moda Solid. 79"x79" Matilda's Own wool/poly batting, I love the texture that this batting creates.

The second quilt...................................

Marcelle was inspired by a picture she saw in a magazine. Again I was asked to custom quilt this beauty.
Similar quilts, the fabric even the angular design, so with that in mind I kept the custom quilting similar also.

Feathers again on the Moda Solid, pattern meandering on the grey marble fabric and for the pieced square blocks I cross hatched.

The same fabrics as the previous quilt, with the addition of the grey marble. The same batting, but this quilt is 81" x 81" square. Another lovely pieced backing. Marcelle was helpful to the quilter and pressed the seams on her pieced backing open. See 'Let me Quilt for you' for tips on what to do with your quilt top and backing for a nicer finished quilt.............and a happy quilter!!

Lastly, a scrappy kids quilt made up to give as a gift. Marcelle ask for a all over quilting design this time.

A fun sort 'eye spy' quilt, lots for kids to look at and find. This time the batting was a polyester. I chose a 'Whirls' pattern, which is fun and reminds me of kids twirling around until they get dizzy and fall over, remember doing that as a kid?

Another pieced backing. Marcelle wanted to use up two Dr Seuss panels.
This quilt measures : 57" x 74".

Use them up she did! Cat in the Hat is a fun loving crazy cat. Now he is quilted with whirls on him!

Thank you so much Marcelle, I had fun with all of these quilts.
When I was out in the garden taking photo's of these quilts I found this .......................................

I will be honest and say I was a bit scared of touching this alien looking thing, I was picturing it was going to come to life and grab me! Ok crazy I know, but they were my personal inner thoughts!
We have two of these plants in the garden, they came with the house, even though they are not what I would choose to plant, I quite like them.

Thanks for stopping by!