Sunday, August 29, 2010


My Crumbs quilt finished!! Yippie...I love this scrappy story quilt.Story quilt you say? Well there are so many bits from so many different quilts that it kinda tells a story.
I finished the top back here and said I did a pieced backing made up of orphaned blocks, ninepatches and odd bits and pieces.
I wrote on the label (a left over Dresden Plate block) about the process, the fact that there are 225, 3 1/2" blocks.I also used one in each corner of the border.
Also on the label I wrote 'Can you see a car, guitar, scissor and more etc. etc...this should make it fun to look at.

Here is the back in all its glory!! I really do love this, I feel like I've truly recycled.

I think I'll have to send some pics to Bonnie Hunter...

thanks Bonnie for sharing this fabulous idea.


  1. Great to see it finished Leeanne... and your fun backing!! Great Minds Think Alike...check out my latest post - SNAP!!

  2. Love the backing, of course the front is wonderful too! I made a crumb quilt a few years back, they are fun and grow really fast. Great idea of making it an 'I Spy' with things to search for.

  3. Oh Leeanne, my jaw dropped and hit the floor!!!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous!
    Can I? May I? Pleeeeeeeeeease!
    How inspiring.
    ...and what about your Backing?