Friday, August 6, 2010

new project........

Here is my first block of 'Frosty Flakes' BOM from Dawn .I used a red metallic red thread and star buttons and a beige/off white Aurifil thread for the backstitching and lazy daisies, there are some tiny seed beads in the centre of the lazy daisies...but probably too small to see.
These hexagons are small, sides measuring 1/2". A very creative friend of mine is making some neat things with hexagons you can pop over for a visit here. I used Sewline Glue pen instead of thread basting...much quicker and less fiddly...I got my pen from

OK, Ok all who know me......I think once or twice I've said I wasn't going to start ANYTHING new......BUT a gal has her weakness'!!!!!!
Have a great weekend.


  1. Leanne it looks fabulous and I love the star buttons... great idea...
    hugs Dawn x x x

  2. I bought a glue pen, didn't know what I wanted it for, just thought it was a good idea! Thanks for the idea, I may have to do some hexagons... But I have a lot of projects on the go too! But I haven't promised not to start anything new.hehe

  3. Very cute, Leeanne! I'm sure that starting a cute wee project like this doesn't count as a weakness!!

  4. Love your Frosty Flakes block - be reassured you're not the only one who can't stop starting new projects!