Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beach balls, logs and talking books?

 Please click on photos for a clear view.

What a fun quilt, made by Raewyn for a boy I'm guessing, not sure who it is for.

Out with my trusty Madeira Polyneon threads, straight line stitching on the green, which I realised later looked like farrows in the field.
Looping swirls on the red.Stipple using invisible thread on vehicle blocks .
Mettler poly variegated was used for the loops on the border.

Another fun quilt from Raewyn, called 'Beach Balls'

Keeping in mind the name of this quilt: "Beach Balls" I wanted to quilt the 'balls' so they looked like balls and the background to look like water and/or wind.
The border wanted to be waves.......
Yes my favourite threads used again.

Here is the back of the quilt.

While I was quilting these 2 quilts I was listening to a talking book called : The Island. I really enjoy listening to these talking books while quilting, it helps to get me in the 'groove' of quilting.
Anyone else listen to talking books?


  1. Yes you got me hooked onto talking books whilst sewing.
    Sew far I've done "Woman of the Tower" - "Murder on the Orient Express" - and now I'm onto "Clan of the Cave Bear"

  2. The problem with talking books you don't hear conversations around you and then your friends keep secrets.