Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A new iron

Boy I bet that got you excited!!!
I have been through many irons. I have come to the conclusion not to put water in my irons, it just seemed to make my iron a mess, then when I read on Bonnie Hunters blog she & others don't use water in their irons either, I didn't feel alone.
So here it is...............
It is cordless................
Last night I finished knitting my scarf, gee I really enjoyed knitting, I haven't done it for years. I use to knit for others & get paid....many years ago.
I had to think how to cast off!
Click for a larger view
Some of my quilting, I hope to have this finished one of these days. Then I will share the whole quilt.

Things are pretty soggy here in Northland, so much rain!


  1. Hi Leeanne, what a great looking iron you have now. Love the cordless. I too don't use water when I am ironing quilting. Never have. I do use steam though when ironing clothes though. :)

  2. So what do you think of the cordless iron? There have been so many reviews about various cordless ones, and the consensus seems to be that they can be a bit light to get a good crease and some don't stay hot long enough for sustained ironing (such as quilt backs etc). I'd be interested in what brand/model it is, and what your thoughts are

  3. congrats on your new purchase!!! :) i always have struggled with leaky irons...blah! I purchased a new one over a year ago and love it...so far. But it is not cordless....i would love a cordless iron! Your scarf looks beautiful...as of course, does your amazing quilting!! Keep dry...or come visit me, we are having great weather...this week!!

  4. Cordless iron - what a useful idea. Hope it works well for you :)

  5. Maybe you could do a review on your new iron?
    Your scarf is lovely, and your quilting is amazing!

  6. I'm echoing the need for a review. My next iron is going to be a thought-out purchase rather than a 'grab one because the last one just fell apart' purchase, so I'd love to read your thoughts.

  7. Great iron - I love my version of this so I hope you enjoy yours. Clever you pulling out the knitting again - it looks like a gorgeous scarf. Love your quilting - as always!! Fancy getting a chance to work on your own project :-)

  8. Great Iron. Cana't wait to see more photosof your quilt. Just arrived home from a great week in Adelaide - weather great, but, guess what? It is cold and wet in Auckland surprise surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Never seen that iron in the shops...looks interesting, would love to know how you like it.
    Gorgeous scarf...just the weather for one here, I like it over my head to keep my ears warm..
    Hope it dries up there soon.
    Julia ♥