Monday, August 13, 2012


I wanted show you some lovely goodies I recently received.
Julie sent me this box of *OMGdreamyquiltersheaven*!!
 When Julie asked if I would like to do a swap, Julie wanted strings, so I sent her strings, Julie asked me what I would like. I said "oh a few 2:5" squares would be handy" (it's always nice to have variety when making scrap quilts)  So what does a girl do when she doesn't have 2:5" squares?
AND this!!!...................................
A lovely hand quilted mini quilt, a jelly roll (there are my 2:5" squares!) and this fabulous kit for a Jo Morton table runner! Squeal!!
You rock Julie!
 Please jump over to visit Julie if you need some inspiration for making the most lovely quilts from scraps.

 my sweet friend Barbara gave me a big bag of old lace. I'm sure Barbara wouldn't mind me sharing her age with you all. She has just gone 80 this past February & is struggling with diminishing eye sight. Barbara was a fabulous dress maker, often on a Thursday & Friday evening she would make a whole new outfit ready to wear on a Saturday night on the town as a young working women.
Much of the lace was also from her mothers supply.....take a look at just a small amount I received.
This wide top piece has the prettiest colours.

Please click on this photo to see the large roll, that appears to be hand made? There is part of the end of the roll unfinished. I need to get someone who knows about lace making to take a look.



  1. Fabulous goodies!! Lucky you! I can see you doubly inspired and sewing up a storm!!

  2. Great goodies, the lace is my favourite! Michelle

  3. Oh my goodness, aren't you the lucky one. Jo Morton Fabric - just divine and that lace is so gorgeous.

    Good for you Jenny

  4. Sorry, Leanne, I typed in Good for you Jenny instead of Leanne, I think because I was on her blog site and had been thinking of her. Oh dear, another brain cell gone. I will blame the sun streaming in to where I am sitting - quite a bit of sun today surprise surprise

  5. Looks like you hit the jackpot! Looking forward to seeing some lovely projects with the lace included.

  6. Wow lucky you the lace is beautiful. Hope you enjoyed the weekend was a surprise to bump into you since I thought you were still down country.

  7. Lucky you!!! Lovely goodies, Enjoy!

  8. YOu are just the nicest person, Leeanne...I am glad you got goodies to enjoy! Love that gorgeous lace!!!

  9. Beautiful goodies, I'm sure you will put them to good use!

  10. wow - that lace is just awesome!

  11. I have a friend who used to make lace a long time ago - if you don't have any luck finding someone closer, give me a bell and I'll ask her.

    Love the hammerhead sashing on the quilt a few posts ahead. It really makes the quilt - transforms it from something nice to something wonderful (the beautiful quilting helps too!).