Thursday, August 9, 2012

sewing machines

I have been on a road trip these last few days to meet up with some of my smaller family members & to go to a Lynette Anderson workshop......more on that in another post.
On this trip I went to a gallery where I had heard about a exhibition of 192 treadle sewing machines! Well what is a a gal to do???? GO of course.........AMAZING!
Check out my photo's, plus please go to the link provided for more information.
 More here.......

A few photo's of some sites along the way...........................

These falls are on the road from Wanganui (Whanganui??) to national park.

Winding roads..... I would love to take this train trip someday.

A special place for me....Turangi
Lake Taupo

Next post will be a quilty one.....I promise!


  1. My Grandy was the principal at Ruakaka :)
    I love the sewing machines

  2. Wow lots of machines!! The threads really confused me till I read the article! Looks like you had nice weather for travelling and taking photos - or did you just have 7 fine spots to jump out and take a pic!!!

  3. I'm wondering if you got to see Tongariro erupt?

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