Saturday, December 8, 2012

Advent swap....they are here!

Yippie.......Christmas has come early to my house, I got home from the shop today to find a big box for me! My parcel from Dawn way over in Whiting USA. Dawn & I became L-O-N-G distant friends as Cat had buddied us up as swap partners in her Advent Swap.
Because my presents didn't arrive until today, I had 8 presents worth of catching up to do........& catching up I did! Hey I didn't need to be told twice, although my husband had the cheek to make sure I opened only 8 presents! As if I would try & sneak opening more!

Here's the box here's the opening of presents...............

From left to right.......snowman socks, chocolate covered blueberries, lip gloss - coffee scented ( made by Dawn ), fabric bundle, scented wax melts ( banana muffin & warm cinnamon rolls ), note pad, cookie cutters ( I'm going to keep these as tree decorations, too nice to cut cookie dough with! ) & beeswax candles ( made by Dawn )................& 10 painted toenails ( mine! )

Thanks again Dawn! And a big thank you to cat for organizing this cool swap!


  1. Yippppppeeee
    Everyone has now received !!
    Let the fun begin
    Blueberries nom nom nom
    And isn't she just too clever with homemade lipgloss and candles !!!!!

  2. Lovely gifts - what fun!!! Looks like the party has started!!

  3. Thank goodness it arrived!!! Yay!!!!

  4. What a fun swap! Looks like lots of lovely gifts.

  5. Lots of yummy treats to open from now on!!! Only one per day!!!!! What good ideas your xmas swap partner has sent you. Enjoy.