Sunday, December 2, 2012

More customers quilts finished

Jill has been busy making table runners for Christmas presents. Jill is a newbee to quilting & is going great guns!
Five table runners, four with tea cups, one with roses. The tea cup runners I did simple straight lines & stipple, for the rose runner, I did scrolls & stipple.

This table runner is now ready to be trimmed for the binding, which Jill had me attach for her ready to hand stitch down.

Carol has also been busy making this next quilt for her daughter for Christmas. Jill made this quilt at a class at Grandmothers Garden with Ngaire Brookes.

Another lovely braid border that I quilted an orange peel design, in the cream border I broke the area up a bit with straight lines & a scroll/feather design. On the red ( not sure you can see that clearly) a curling ribbon.
I had the perfect stencil for the setting triangles.

Some of you might be thinking that I do a lot of sampler quilts....well you would be right! I am happy as I can explore new quilting ideas. I like each sampler block to be different, but have some continuity over the whole quilt. So for example, the curling ribbon I have used on the above block has also been used on the red border.

I used my favourite threads, Madeira polyneons & my up & coming new favourite, Gunold. I have bought quite a few new threads in the last few weeks to try.

The Christmas tree is up & me, my boys no longer think it is cool to get into the buzz of decorating for Christmas. Maybe I will take some photo's of what I did & blog about it. Maybe.......I have a new computer with a completely new operating system that is very different to what I am use to, so this post alone has taken a good couple of hours!!


  1. Good on you for getting there (here) with your post in the end!! Golly not only has Jill been busy, so have you!! Fabulous quilting as always Leeanne, and I love the colours in the sampler quilt too. Our tree doesn't go up yet, when school finished was our tradition but no-one home to be at school...!

  2. I love the rose table runner with the scroll quilting.
    That is a great sampler quilt, too. My colors! Beautiful quilting on it.

  3. I too love the sampler quilt and as always your quilting just finishes it off.
    I'm sure with time the new computer will be an old fav... but wish technology wasn't changing soo fast, seems like just get the hang of something and boom a new fancy gadget is needed.
    Love Leanne

  4. Kudos for perseverance, I'd have told my computer to stuff it and gone for a cup of tea. The quilting in this post is very elegant. Those scrolls are really neat.

  5. Beautiful table runners and quilt. There are going to be some happy people on christmas day. I decorated our home on Tuesday with the help of my lovely god daughter, my husband decorated the tree on Saturday and saturday night the lights were switched on. I LOVE christmas

  6. Jill has been working hard, and they look great.
    So does the sampler quilt once again awesome quilting Leeanne.

  7. Love the quilting Leeanne - good to see you are being kept really busy!You'll get used to the new computer soon enough.

  8. Beautiful quilts and your quilting is lovely. You have been very busy.