Sunday, February 24, 2013

1 Xmas item

Busy day for me tomorrow, so I thought I would post about my 1 Xmas item today. Actually I have two off aye!
The stitcheries have been finished for a few months, just had to get my 'A' into gear & finish them.
Thanks so much to Narelle for hosting this motivational SAL, I find it is really helping me to make something each month. Well OK, so it is only the second month, things might have gone down hill in another month or two!!
"Enough blabbing Leeanne, show them what you did"!

Two Christmas Bon Bon's by Annie Downs from Hatch and Patched

Now for a little sneaky peaky of a customer's quilt I finished today, I need to phone the owner to say it is all done, but thought I'd give her a wee peek!!!!!!!

Not such a great photo, but there are better photo's, I will with the owners permission, post better photo's later in the week.


  1. Very cute little stitched pieces. Explain the Bon Bons to me, please--are they containers, or a decoration or what. Sorry to be so dense. : )

  2. Love those bonbons Leeanne. You are doing well with your chrissie pressies - its a great idea to start early in the year . . . always promise myself every year!!!! Have a great week ahead my friend, Julie :-)

  3. Those bon bons make the greatest little gifts filled with goodies ... very nice finishes!

  4. Cuties!! Well done, I haven't even had a chance to think of my Christmas Item this month, I'll have to make up for it next month with two!!

  5. Lovely bon bons, I have some of them stitched ready to finish too! I think I recognise the sneak peek, you definitely have my permission, I can't wait to see it on your blog :)

  6. Very cute Bon bons. I might have to make something like this to put on the Christmas table with the place settings.

  7. Love bon bons, well done on getting your A into gear :) Pleased to 'meet' another who blabs, the stories are so fun to read :) Er not saying mine are necessarily (lol), but yours was ;)