Thursday, March 7, 2013

two's company........................................

Three's a crowd??? Isn't that the saying? Well this is the third quilt of the same design, two have been made by Elizabeth.

This is a big quilt 86" x 104", too big on a wickedly winding day to hang on the line, so on the lawn it went, hubby up on the trampoline clicking with the camera!

Elizabeth wanted the same quilting as I did for an earlier quilt I did for her, same design............see here if you are interested. And here for the same pattern but in Kiwiana fabrics.
The pattern is called "Two's Company" by Kariepatch, fabrics by Stof & Bamboo batting.
I used Gunold variegated threads, which are up on my 'I really like list'.


  1. lovely quilt....pattern, color and quilting

  2. Do you ever tire of quilting on the same pattern of quilt or does it make no difference to you?
    I haven't heard of that thread before. Is it your very favorite, or just among your top picks. What do you love about it?
    Sorry--I realize I asked a lot of questions. : )

  3. Love your quilt. Nice free motion quilting too :-)

  4. I'm loving those stof fabrics more and more. That's a very graphic pattern and you have a lovely husband to help you photograph your quilt!

  5. Love the colours in this quilt :-) - gosh that is big isn't it? Nice relaxing looking quilting on it too :-) I seem to have got behind in my blog reading!!