Sunday, August 4, 2013

Customer quilts & one of mine!

Glenda's very first quilt! This is no baby or beginner quilt, look at all those points & triangles..........................triangles mean bias edges too. This quilt measures 90" x 104" & Glenda has made a most excellent job of the piecing, all the points are there! This quilt was delightful to quilt, no wavy borders or cut off points.

I did a large open stipple/meander through the middle, then ditch stitching on the border, orange peel & curling ribbon.

Next is Jill's pretty table runner, made as a gift. Jill finds these table runners perfect for posting overseas.

The Country Yard had a fun class on Friday night called 'Whirlwind Scraps'. I quilted the sample with all over Baptist fan ( I like to call it 'horse hooves'......see my explanation here ) using a  Auriful variegated poly thread.

This is the back, you can see the lovely texture.

Today I finished my Angel Story quilt top! Whoopwhoop!! Did you hear me? You didn't? Well I was doing it! This was another long term project...................could be another long term project to hold down the quilter to quilt it too!

I learnt how to do English daisies from the Crabapple Hill Studio, I was going to give you the link but they don't have the tutorial there anymore? Basically an English daisy is a small circle of wool felt covered with masses of lazy daisy stitches.
click on the photo

a wool felt star

some lace

and French knots.

My great Nephew is now 3kgs & nearly ready to go home......where have the months gone?


  1. adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very nice workmanship there Leeanne.....and love the English daises!

  2. The customarś quilts are lovely and your work as always superb. What a lovely childhood you had, i think the Baptist fan indeed looks like horsehoofs!
    But most of all: Your Angel Story Quilt is so adorable, and I love those English daisies, I will try them myself. You inspired me to make the quilt, I have the book for some years, but I have so many ufo's....

    Have a lovely Monday (and the rest of the week), Cisca

  3. Glenda's first quilt is very impressive, both in skill shown and size! Congrats on finishing your Angel Story top - delightful :)

  4. Glenda's quilt is beautiful and your quilting is lovely. I love your Angel quilt and all the beautiful details you have added - gorgeous!!

  5. Superb work as always!! Just wanted to say love your Angel Story top and your fabrics look like they have worked out great ... now to find a quilter??? Have a great start of the week, see you Thursday.

  6. Your Angel Story quilt top looks wonderful Leeanne, obviously you had a very productive Sunday. Good for you. The whirlwind scraps evening was loads of fun and what a great way to use up some of the stash.

  7. Gosh Leeanne you have been busy :-)
    Love all your customer quilting - but especially love your Angel Story quilt - the fabrics you have chosen are just beautiful. Also that English daisy ... so beautiful. Love the floral print on your borders ... Love it ALL actually :-)

  8. Oh gosh! You have DEFINITELY been busy. It's always a joy to see what you've been working on. :)

  9. Talk about jumping in with both feet for a first quilt - Glenda has done a fine job (and a very nice job of the quilting too). Yup, I almost heard your whoopwhoop from here... beautiful top - and I hear there is a very good quilter who works for The C-Yard??? And how on earth can someone so young be a great aunt??

  10. Great Baptist fan texture (or horses hooves).
    What cute angel blocks--and I love those daisies!

  11. Lovely post Leeanne! Your customer quilts are lovely, that is an amazing effort for a first quilt. Woohoo, well done, it is fantastic!! Now for getting that quilter to

  12. Well doneon the fabulous finish on your Angel Story!!! Woohoo!!!! Those hoosey hooves looked great on the whirlwind quilt and congratulations to Glenda - her quilt is fabulous!! Bet she is hooked now!