Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ABC's, pinwheels & a Chateau............................

First is a cot quilt made by Meg. Cute applique, all blanket stitch done by hand. A great quilt for the young ones to learn their ABC's. Cotton batting & Madeira poly neon thread for the stipple, swirl & the straight lines on the border. I used variegated Gunold thread for the cross hatching.

And a soft sunny flannel backing fabric.

Next is Barbara's pinwheel quilt. Barbara was part of a group of 'swappers'...........oh sounds interesting doesn't it? Check out more pinwheel 'swapper' quilts here & here & here.
Barbara has made this quilt to give as a gift for some special family members, Barbara asked to keep the quilt very simple with no fancy frilly bits......ask & Ye receive!

Thanks Meg & Barbara, I hope the recipients of your lovely quilts enjoy them.

Some months back I started getting Lynette Anderson's Chateau Hexagon button mystery from my favourite quilt shop. I collected but didn't start, I waited to see if the fabrics I wanted to use would work with Lynette's lovely hand painted buttons. I am happy with my choice.

The birdhouses look black in this photo, but they aren't, they are deep red & purple. I have used a mini charm pack of Kansas Troubles fabrics. For the topiary tree I cut a circle of felted wool then covered the wool with French knots & lazy daisy stitches to give depth & texture.

Spring has sprung here in Northland, a wee walk in the garden with the camera was a pleasure.


  1. You have been busy as usual! Lovely quilts. It is so good to see an alphabet quilt in lower case!! (sorry, a bugbear of mine!) And I recognise the pinwheels in Barb's quilt - all the versions look so different!! Love how your Chateau Hexgon is looking :-)

  2. What a cute ABC quilt. Love the way all of the color pops out on the black background.
    Pinwheels always make such happy quilts, IMHO. Kudos to you for following the wishes of the maker on the quilting. I appreciate when a quilter has a different vision than what I have requested, if they will discuss it with me. I may also see the light when they point it out. But when I have a very specific desire for the quilting and that is ignored, even after having been agreed to in the outset, it is very frustrating. Can you tell that is a bugbear of mine? *LOL*
    LOVE your little stitchery--the fabrics, the buttons, the wool, all of it works together beautifully. So cute!!

  3. I adore the ABC quilt. I's gorgeous.

    Just posted my yellow quilt. What do you think?

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

    I like "vibrant",
    seems like a nice word
    (since I am no native speaker of English I like all new English words)

  5. Lovely quilts you have been working on Leeanne ..., but your chateau hexagon blocks are just so beautiful. Think you were stitching them when you visited me :-) Your garden is looking so pretty & spring like too - that iris is a gorgeous colour x0x

  6. Love your choice of fabric for Chateau Hexigon and your wonderful stitchery, especially on the topiary

  7. That alphabet quilt is lovely, so bright and cheerful! Your Chateau Hexagon stitching is lovely. Enjoy your spring flowers :-)

  8. Both those quilts are lovely (and made lovelier by your stitching!)

  9. Lovely work Leeanne, not sure where you have found the time!!! in amongst other things......And your flowers are just beautiful, so too the Chateau hexagon. xxxx

  10. Both quilts look wonderful. I love how some of the 4 patches merged with the pinwheels in the borders and made them look elongated! Great effect :)

  11. Beautiful quilts, and I do love your Chateau project!!!

  12. Beautiful quilts and I love seeing your chateau blocks started. The colours you are using are beautiful, looks like oranges on the tree. Great idea to stitch your flowers over the felt, I must remember that :)