Wednesday, October 9, 2013

and the winner is..............................

Thank you for your comments from my last post. Drum roll please...................

 I would like to congratulate Nicky! you are the lucky winner of the stack of 'H&F Wagtime' pattern's by Lynette Anderson!
Just email me your snail mail address Nicky & I will send these patterns off to you.

Now customer quilts...................................

Break out the sunshine & smiles!
 This quilt has been lovingly made by Kathy for her friend Adele. Kathy's tastes are more Primitive than this sunny explosion, but Kathy's friend Adele loves bright contemporary & Sarah Fielke designs. With that in mind & a long friendship to think about while cutting & piecing of Kaffe Fasset fabrics, Kathy did a great job, beautifully pieced to boot!
The name of this pattern is 'Botanical Garden' by Sarah Fielke, fabric's: Kaffe Fasset, over cotton/bamboo batting, I used two Madeira poly neon threads in the colours that Adele loves.
This was one of the quilts I gave the 'full Quiltme service'.......making, attaching binding & label & hand stitch in place. And the quilting!

Kathy & I decided on simple straight stitching through the middle of the quilt & a free flowing muster of flowers, tendrils & leaves for the border.

I sure hope Adele loves this quilt. Kathy now has to send it to Australia where Adele lives, wouldn't it be amazing if Kathy could do a personal delivery!

My niece had her second daughter on Sunday, so I send her off a quilt that I quilted a while ago knowing there was a new baby coming. I bought this lovely, ever soooo soft flannel panel from our retreat 's suitcase sale earlier in the year. I also bought & made these from the suitcase sale too, thanks Rachel!

Binding & backing is soft flannel as well.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow your quilting in the border looks lots of fun!! A vibrant quilt :-) Good to see you working through your purchases from retreat - and congratulations to your niece! And congratultions to Nicky on her win!!

  2. What a stunning quilt! I'm a big fan of red, and this one has such energy and punch. Lovely quilting too. Great job :)

  3. Hey hey, that's me!! Wow, thanks so much Leeanne! We were tailing yesterday, so didn't get round to checking blogs last night, so this is a lovely surprise this morning....
    Love the quilts too, isn't Adele's quilt so bright! Congrats Great Auntie Leeanne....

  4. I am not in to bright fabrics, but that quilt is stunning Leeanne, & love how you have quilted it.
    Thanks for the chance to enter the draw & congrats to Nicky for her win ... I am sure she will make something lovely with the patterns.
    Oh & congrats to your neice also. x0x

  5. Congrats to Nicky!
    Wow! I love that quilt! And what a kind friend to make something that's not to her taste.