Tuesday, December 16, 2014

back to nature

Not me, no time for that just yet, but this is the theme of my post today.

Diane has made the first two quilts, both from wolf panels. Now if you have ever worked with panels you will know from experience that these are not the easiest to work with, but get this, these two quilts are Diane's very first quilts! Yes I kid you not and what's more no pattern, not kit, no instructions she made the design and up herself!

Diane chose an all over quilting design for the first quilt which will be a lap quilt for her Mum for Christmas. Diane's Mum is crazy about wolves, so I am sure getting two wolf quilts will fill her need.

Sorry not the best photo, I took this one inside due to the rain outside. Diane chose an all over design for the middle section then I chose a wood grain effect for the black border.

So there you go, didn't Diane do famously!!

Next is a quilt Kim made for her son for his birthday which is soon after Christmas.

Made from a Kiwiana Jelly Roll plus a few extras for sashing and borders. Kim also asked for and all over quilting design with a Maori theme.

Thanks so much ladies, I hope the recipients of these quilts love them and appreciate the time and love you have put into making them.

I had to cut two of the dark red Gladioli and three of the white as the wind and rain had knocked them over, so sad. We are really being hit by some very stormy weather here in Whangarei.
My thoughts have been with my two daughters and granddaughter that live in Australia, you can't help yourself when such tragic things as those that unfolded in Sydney happen so close to loved ones.


  1. Diane has a knack! Excellent job!
    Certainly is scary when tragedy strikes near those we love.

  2. Beautiful gladioli - they are problem though in high winds aren't they! We too are having the gale force gusts down here and flower heads all over the place.
    Pleased your girls and grand-daughters were not caught up int he tragic events in Sydney.

  3. Beautiful quilts Leeanne, we used to have a lady come into the Gift Shop where I worked & she was absolutely mad about all things wolf related. She would've loved that first quilt. Your glads are looking beautiful, yes we are getting those awful strong winds here too. They knock everything about.

  4. Fabulous red Gladi. The weather is now attacking my garden too. Yes I agree about the tragic events in Sydney. ....glad yours are all safe.

  5. More amazing quilts...love the wood grain quilting and the Kiwi quilt. The glads are wonderful shame about the weather...god to hear the family are safe.

  6. lovely quilts and you have added some beautiful quilting. Gladioli looks good, I get the leaves but not the flowers with mine, think it is time I dug up the bulbs

  7. Beautiful quilts, I love your wood grain quilting! What a tragedy in Sydney, I can imagine you was very worried!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  8. These quilts will make lovely gifts for sure, finished with your magic touch :-) Lucky the wind wasn't too bad for us and we didn't have any garden damage, the ground just appreciated the good soaking!

  9. I love how you always find just the right way to quilt your quilts!