Sunday, January 11, 2015

Welcome Home!

Dave Dobbyn is so iconic to all that is Kiwi-ness here in New Zealand. I love the following song.

I think of this song as I welcome home my quilt, 'Folk Art Blooms'.

Designed by Buggy Barn. I made this quilt ready for The Country Yards New Years Launch in March 2013. We sold this quilt as a Block of the Month. The quilt was successful with many falling in love with it as I did. Now we have sold all we had to offer so I got to bring this quilt home.

I used a black batting and batting. Several different black fabrics were used for the backgrounds which help make the applique (raw edge) say: 'hello world, look at me!'

I had fun with the quilting, echoing the applique and flowing feathers on the borders.

Funny how in different lights the black is bluey/grey.............................

By now I am sure you would have noticed my 'helper'..........................................

"This old quilt? Really! She needs a thing of REAL beauty like me!"

Back when I made the quilt I commissioned my dear friend Julie ( see her amazing blog and you too can easily open your wallet to her beautiful handmade goodies!)   to make me a doll from some of the left over fabrics. I also made a cushion, using needle turn for the applique so shoppers could see the applique could be completed either way.

When I took my Christmas decorations down I had a we potter and changed a few things around in my home.

Another Block of the Month 'Home Coming Lane' and the Raggy Ann Prim doll I made on an old painters ladder.

My holidays have been filled with working on a new Block of the Month, which of course I can not show you just yet!
Leaving you with a final photo of 'The Helper'.......................can you spot him??


  1. Oh Leeanne I shed a few tears listening to that song...I love Dave Dobbin songs and his voice! Your quilt is just beautiful , and your helper is so cute!!

  2. Was just this morning wondering what you were up to. Love the quilt. Happy New

  3. It is great to see your wonderful quilt where it belongs.

  4. Lovely quilt, the only problem with cats on black quilts is the fur shows up, as I have discovered with Miss B's quilt. Have a great weekend.

  5. Hiya Leeanne, firstly I just adore Dave Dobbyn & particularly that song. Your black quilt is just beautiful . . . though I have heard you speak to me about it lots, thats the first time I have seen it. And yes Miss Alice looks perfect with it (& the cushion you made). You will have to keep the blinds shut to stop the black from fading I imagine. And love your little helper there too :-)

  6. Leeanne your quilts are gorgeous. I must admit Home Coming Lane drew me in for a closer look. Your little helper is just gorgeous also. Where would we be without them

  7. You sound really delighted to have your quilt home with you again Leeanne! Where would we be without our helpers?!

  8. Leeanne, it's absolutly gorgeous, and the quilting is amazing as always.
    What a cute helper, thank you for the song..

  9. Love your Folk Art Blooms. Beautiful feathers you quilted on it. The matching doll and pillow are very nice touches.
    Your quilt and doll on the ladder are sweet.
    Looks like you have a camouflage cat. : )

  10. Wow, what a GORGEOUS quilt, beautiful appliqué and stunning quilting! It's so lovely on your bed. Love the cushion and doll, too.
    And of course the display. Cats and quilts... what a helper you have!
    Beautiful song of Dave Dobbin, I enjoyed the film of New Zealand, thank you!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  11. I so love that quilt!!! Really I love it, love it, love it!! Did I tell you I love your QUILT!! And I love your helper.

  12. Wow gorgeous and It must be so nice to have it in your home now! The black is utterly striking :) Love your wee helper ;)

  13. Great quilt.

    and your cat looks SO much the same as our Hugo, check him out here:

  14. Swoon….Swoon!! I LOVE this quilt! I always wanted a darker one too! Maybe….some day….

  15. Can totally see why you are so pleased to have your Folk Art Blooms home, it's gorgeous! LOVE the photo of the helpers tail poking out from underneath and he most certainly must love the quilt too as he was keen to get in all the action :-) . Great hiding spot in that tree...shady too!

  16. Cats love quilts as much as we do. Your buggy barn quilt is outstanding. I'm interested in the raw edge applique, do you do this by machine?

  17. gorgeous quilts. I think kitty thinks so too.

  18. Beautiful quilt, and cute cat!

    I'm running a fabric giveaway, you are welcome to enter!