Sunday, April 12, 2015

A week long road trip, part two.

Hello again readers and friends, always nice to have you visiting with sprinklings of the odd sweet comment!
Well next on my road trip was why my whole trip was planned, to enjoy walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing located in the central part of the North Island of New Zealand.
I meet up with a group of other keen trampers in Omori, a small holiday home area at the southern end of Lake Taupo. As a group of 13 we spread ourselves over two baches (the kiwi name for a holiday home). Weather wise Easter Friday would have been the best day to complete the crossing but some of the group was still arriving. So we happily did some smaller walks around Omori in the morning then after a bite to eat for lunch we headed off to walk around Lake Rotopounamu.

It was a magic day the views so beautiful and ever so peaceful. I enjoyed hearing seeing the native birds zipping in and out of the trees.

Bright and EARLY the next morning........4.30am early!! We got up had breakfast, do you know it is just strange having breakfast at that hour! We wanted to head off nice and early to beat the crowds...............well many others had the same idea. Apparently Easter Saturday is the busiest day of the year to do the crossing. Here I am after day break about 1 1/2 hours after starting, this was when the climbing started!

A small section of people ahead, a family with a six year old daughter and eight year old son. There was even a man that was partially sighted. See the mist/drizzle that we were heading for?

                                             Several signs like these could be off putting!

Coming to the Blue Lakes was breath taking,oh please please let the mist clear...................................

 And it did!!!!! Whoopwhoop!!

I had made it! My dream come true, I was over the moon the mist had cleared and the wind that threatened to blow us off the mountain had taken least for now!
The wind on some of the narrow ridges was incredibly strong, I was not the only one a wee bit scared.

Looking back on the loose scoria ridge in the barren moon crater like paradise was beautiful to me.

Further along was our descent, here you can see Lake Rotoaira in the front and the mighty Lake Taupo in the background.

This tramp was like a busy highway of people from all over the world, chattering away in their mother tongue. Another one of those signs to keep you guessing!

We made it back to our cars then off to a much needed soak in the Thermal hot pools!
The next chapter of my week long trip sees me spending time with my granddaughter and visiting another mountain!


  1. What a great trip you've had! Given the terrain down there how long did it take to complete the walk Leeanne?

  2. My cousin once said " The crossing is so like Queen street in Auckland!!", and this was years ago. Well done to do the traverse. hope all the rest of your holiday went equally well.

  3. Looks absolutely amazing! I would love something like this.
    Sounds like a wonderful holiday in a beautiful area!

  4. Well done you for doing the crossing, I know a few people now who have done it, and it does look so worth it, but I doubt I'd get up there without karking it :D

  5. Aren't those Emerald Lakes the most amazing sight and well worth the climb. The soak in the hot pools were just like heaven I have to say and saved the sore muscles the next day!!

  6. Great photos Leeanne and good on your for accomplishing a dream. It sure is a tramp never to be forgotten

  7. Awesome photos - it sure sounds like you enjoyed yourself!! The thermal pools would have been heaven!

  8. Wonderful photos...well done you for making the good, the mist cleared when you got to the lake view...some of those signs are scary aye, but will keep you safe!! Did you have to walk all day? Soaking in the thermal pool would have been heaven!! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Good to see a kiwi making the most of our local resources! You are a lot more energetic than me!

  10. What a fabulous walk!! Great to get that tick on your bucket list. I so enjoyed tagging along x

  11. Good on you, out there enjoying nature, so beautiful. You look so happy. X

  12. Excellent photos, I now do not need to do this walk, not that I had any intention of doing it!!! Love your strippy legs and pink coat, congrats on conquering the walk. Your photos are fantastic, we sure do live in an awesome little country!!

  13. How wonderful that you got to have this amazing trip - looks great fun!