Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's Twins!

Yes, twin quilts for twin girls!! Sandy, owner operator of Northland's Sewing Centre made two nearly identical quilts for her 19 year old twin nieces.

Sandy asked for both quilts to be quilted the same and I could choose how to quilt them. I did have the brief of light custom and maybe some feathers. Both quilts are the same all except the purple and green on the borders, they are opposite, the corner squares are green on the other quilt and purple wide borders pieces.

A feather wreath in each square was feathery, but with a modern touch with rings in the centre.
The borders needed texture, and more feathers would have been over the top, so lines and meandering it was. This gives a nice play in the light.

I followed through with the feather theme in the purple and green areas, and straight lines in the cream.

Sandy I am sure your nieces with love these quilts. Such a special gift to give are quilts, made with love and given with love.

I have just finished a very different quilt made from satin prize ribbons, you will have to wait to see the whole quilt, as it is heading back to it's owner, but I will give you a sneak peek!

Simon has been 'helping' with office work, you know "Mum will find it helpful if I carefully 'put' this pen on the floor for her".


  1. Gorgeous quilt. Looks like you have good company/a supervisor

  2. I love your use of feathers in the X type blocks! The whole thing is beautiful!
    Interested to see the ribbon quilt. Fascinating.

  3. Fun quilting on the twin quilts Leeanne - as Janet said, the feathers in the X-type blocks look good. My girls have so many horse ribbons, I should be doing something like that with them.

  4. Very gorgeous quilting there Leeanne, That ribbon quilt looks interesting - what a fabulous idea - dont tell my Mr though ... he might want one made from all his Moto X ribbons!!! Simon has that same spooky eyed look that Blackie does.

  5. Lucky twin girls! Love the pastel colours in the centre set off with the dark purple and green in the border - last but not least - beautiful quilting!

  6. Beautiful quitls for the twins. ..the ribbon quilt looks interesting. .....good to see Simon is on the job!!

  7. Beautiful twin quilting! Very effective and highlights the designs of the quilts beautifully!