Sunday, May 1, 2016

Another Mystery quilt and an Emergency quilt!

It's Sunday here in New Zealand, an overcast Autumn day with the odd shower, a perfect day to do a blog post. The first quilt on the list to share is Pam's "In My Garden" quilt which she completed through The Country Yard as one of their yearly Mystery Stitchery BOM's.

           Pam requested custom quilting, she chose cotton batting. The quilt measures 43" x 56".

There was a theme of circular stitcheries along the top and bottom of the quilt so I used that idea for the central piece, then Greek squares which are maze like and they fit into the garden theme nicely.

Simple cross hatching for the checker board piecing, swirls for the background of the circular stitcheries and a swirl 'feather' for the border.

For the back lovers........................................................................

The second quilt I have to share today is one I made from a panel to be given to my great nephew who is turning three and absolutely LOVES emergency vehicles!

Like so many panels unless you intend for the quilt to be used in a cot they are not big enough. I had a rummage through my stash and found some blues and yellows that were a pretty good match to those in the panel. Making a checker board to match the check on the police car, then a black sashing then the red border which I appliqued "Police" "Ambulance" "Fire" and my nephew's name at the bottom of the quilt.

I quilted a loose meander on the panel it's self , then cross hatched the checker board piecing, quilted the lettering down then flames on the borders! Topped off with Flange binding and red flannel backing, I think Atelea will love this.

On Thursday and Friday this week hubby and I headed off with friends, three couples, a one year old baby/toddler and two teenage girls to Lane Cove hut for two nights.

photo courtesy of DOC.
With only a two hour moderate tramp in it makes for a lovely tramp for many fitness levels. The hut is quite sweet with the most amazing views that we didn't tire looking at!

Several in our party stopped for a dip in Waiarkau Stream which was a nice deep pool bordered on one side by a huge rock wall. I enjoyed all the nobly rocky clusters about the place. When you are at the hut there is the chance to climb up to "Dukes Nose".

When I reached the last part I saw the following wall stocked with a chain and chickened out.......fear of heights is something I would like to over come! Hubby went up and said the views were breath taking............. the problem was I had the phone to take the photo's!

So off I walked balanced myself along a rocky cliff to check out the views from the direction we tramped from.

The hut is accessible only by foot or boat. We were fortunate that one of the guys in our party bought a boat in which meant we could have some luxuries that may have been too heavy to put in our packs. We enjoyed some fish that he caught and then smoked. The water was still warm enough to enjoy a swim or two.
The harbour is beautiful and very quite but we did have a house boat anchor down for the last night.

If you don't mind no hot showers, no power, composting toilets, possums and peace and quite then this is a mini adventure for you too!
Thanks for stopping by back next time with more quilting.


  1. Peace and quiet, sounds mighty good to me, and love the Fire, Ambulance and Police quilt. This will be a treasure for many years.

  2. Lovely quilts & quilting Leeanne, love the bike stitchery panel. Your nephews quilt looks wonderful, as does the scenery on your tramp.

  3. Good on Pam for finishing her quilt, I'm sre she will be happy with it. And cool quilt for your nephew too. Looks like a great spot for a getaway and you got some gorgeous photos!

  4. I love the quilting you used on the stitchery--very whimsical.
    You did a great job of expanding that panel into a usable quilt size. Sure to be loved!
    What a lovely adventure that appears to be. Gorgeous views!

  5. I don't think, well actually I know I wouldn't have climbed that cliff with a chain. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful spot. Teenagers and a toddler, interesting companions!!! I bet it was all lovely and relaxing.

  6. Nice quilting on the stitcheries quilt. Ateleas quilt is so cute and I am sure that he loves it. What a big difference adding the borders made. What a gorgeous spot for a short break.

  7. Two beautiful quilts,love that panel, it is perfect for a three year old!! Interesting age group for your weekend away,it looked like a wonderful place to stay.