Friday, June 10, 2016

Happy Daze!

Hello my friends and readers, today I can now share Veron's "Happy Daze" quilt with whoever would like to see it.

                Piecing and applique by Veron, design by Susan Garman, custom quilting by me.
Earlier in the year Veron was on holiday way up here in the winterless north, so she decided to stop by to give me four quilt tops to quilt for her. As soon as I saw this one my 'quilters eye's lit up'............"look at all that quilters blank canvas" (aka white areas!) Veron said you just go for it love!

When I am designing quilting for a custom quilt I use old school techniques : a black & white printout from the computer of the quilt top (several copies) and I get doodling! I had a few ideas on paper but felt a gel with this design.

Once all the ditch stitching was complete it was on with the fun quilting! This type of quilting is time consuming and can be quite tiring but very rewarding. The quilt measures 81" x 81".

All the white areas are quilted with Maderia poly neon in white and the bright funky fabrics were quilted with Glide 'Bark', the batting was Veron's, a polyester.

Here a couple of photo's of the back, which was a solid white fabric.....................................

I have finished two of the four quilts Veron gave me, so I will be back with another post soon!

Tramping photo's.

A large Kauri tree in Pukenui forest .
Here is what I thought looked like a face on the side of the tree......................................

Wishing you a happy weekend!


  1. Wow - look at that quilting!!!! I guess this was the bright KF fabric quilt which you were busy with, it's a beauty!

  2. Very nice quilt Leeanne, as for your quilting all I can say us WOW! AMAZING

  3. With all the white the colour on that quilt just pops! Pretty nice. Got to love a big old Kauri, and one with a face is a bonus!!

  4. You've done a lovely job on Veron's beautiful quilt, Leeanne! I bet she is more than delighted with the outcome :-)

  5. what a spectacular quilt and your quilting has made it even lovlier

  6. Such beautiful quilting Leeanne and an amazing quilt!! Love those bush photos too.

  7. I love the way your quilting adds its own design, as well as adding to the quilt pattern. Very clever, not to mention amazing quilting.

  8. Just loving that happy daze quilt Leanne it's beautiful.

  9. Wow! That's a stunner of a quilt and I love they way you create a whole other design with the quilting right over the top but integrated too. I haven't been hanging around in blog land for a little while so I'm zooming back through your recent posts. Had to stop and leave a comment on this one though!