Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cat's, the alphabet, chickens - lots of chickens!

One of the fabulous things about moving (or maybe not so fabulous?) is the stuff you find. You know somehow discarded in the back of cupboard only to be found like a long lost friend! Shannon recently had this experience when she was moving house and found not one but 6 quilt tops! She asked me if I could please quilt them.........of course!

First a scrappy cats quilt. Shannon tells me these quilts were all made from her scraps and are intended for the kids to use as floor quilts, or make huts etc.
Second is a scrappy fish/water themed quilt.

Next, scrappy alphabets...................all these quilts have Matilda's Own polyester batting and have free hand edge to edge quilting using a variety of colours of Glide threads

This next quilt was such a hoot to quilt! These three hardcase chooks looking back at me, which by the way do have eyes, they just couldn't be attached until after the quilting!

Each have their own little story to tell, but what is it? I had fun just 'doodling' some funky/wacky feathers on the border.

What are these three talking about?? perhaps they are singing: "The Hill's are Alive with the Sound of C Next blog post will be Shannon other two quilts, they are next to go on the machine.

Next is another Chicken quilt! This one is made by Lesley, it's called "Chicken Soup" designed by Mary Lou & Company.

These girls were also characters! Once again, eyes to be attached after quilting- these ladies must love their quilter!

Lesley supplied her own batting and backing. I enjoyed the texture created from the fine 'picket fence' quilting on the gold sashings as well as the feathered border.

I'm sure you have seen quite enough chickens for one day. Thanks so much to Shannon and Lesley for once again letting me loose on their quilts!

Until next time, I will share with this delightful treat I had while out on my morning walk yesterday.


  1. Oh they are just wonderful, thank you. It does seam ( Ha see what I did there?) a shame to use them as floor mats.

  2. I especially enjoyed the two chicken quilts. They are very fun and it looks as though you had fun quilting them!

  3. I'm sure you were chortling away to yourself while you were quilting Leeanne! How cool for Shannon to get those long neglected quilts done! Love those chickens of Lesley's!

  4. Those chickens of Shannon's really appeal to me. They are so amusing-I wonder what the pattern was that she used. The quilting so suits it. What a treasure trove she found.

  5. All lovely scrappy quilts Leeanne - love those chickens - they are such characters. I think you should have added the word "ducks" to your blog post too. How wonderful to get them on film.

  6. What a wonderful find!! They are great quilts, love the octopus with boots!! There really are lots of chicken things happening at your place! Love the dancing singing chooks and the chicken soup quilt is great too! Talk about chooks with attitude!!! Lovely to see the ducklings when you were out and about.