Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bears, bags and a bird..............

It's one of those posts with a sprinkling of tasty treats (no licking the screens ladies!)
First up is the business side of quilting, Sue's sweet quilt stitched together for her soon to be born great grandson.

Theodore or Dexter is soon to welcome the world in America. Sue is originally from America now living in Aotearoa (the Maori name for New Zealand, meaning 'Land of the long White Cloud' - although given our current weather this could be temporarily named 'Land of the Grey, sometimes black Cloud') Sue still has family in America and loves to make quilts for them all.

Sue was very keen to have bears or teddy bear quilting, but I didn't have any such pattern in my possession, so it was time for the credit card to come out. I bought six new patterns, when I have to buy from America I may as well make it worth my while, right?

Sue likes Matilda's Own polyester batting, she knows quality when she sees it. Take a look at the snappy backing.............................

 Today I worked on two quilts, all basted for Norma who wants to quilt these two quilts herself. Did you know I offer this service? No more sore knees, sore backs or worse still you remain on floor unable to stand up! I baste the three layers of your quilt together with a 4" -ish grid, you quilt, by machine or hand quilting, then remove the basting stitches. Norma also likes Matilda's own Polyester batting.

Some of you may have seen a new SAL or share all.......Sew-Stitch-Snap-Share I have surprised myself with two items (finished too). First is a bag I made for my youngest granddaughter, who turned five on Monday. Made from my scraps, then filled up with books and clothes.

Next a cushion made for a friend who had a 'notable' birthday who is a nature lover, when I heard of her birthday I knew I just had to try out my newly purchased Fantail pattern from Juliet

I LOVED making this bird! It makes me feel like I have found my piecing MOJO in those little pieces of fabric.


  1. I so love to see what you are quilting on...wish we were closer!

  2. How good of you to buy a panto just for this quilt! Such cute teddy bears. : )
    I have had a longarmer baste a quilt for me--loved it!
    What a clever idea to make a bag to hold the gift and be part of it, besides.
    A beautiful little cushion! Foundation pieced, or not?

  3. Oh I recognise that Fantail - I've made him too - but he's still waiting to be sewn into something! A lovely gift Leeanne and also Kiara's bag - bet she absolutely loves the gift! Cute baby quilt - fun feature fabric!

  4. Beautiful Leeanne - all of it. I love the fabrics in that quilt. When you buy those patterns from overseas, do you have to trace the shapes onto the quilt first? Excuse my ignorance ... but I wondered how it was done. Your grandaughter will love her bag as will the recipient of the cushion I am sure.

  5. Great looking projects! Love the bear panto - so cute on that quilt!

  6. Love the teddy panto, it looks amazing on the quilt. Your basting service is a wonderful idea too. Kiara's bag is beautiful I bet she was excited when that arrived. The fahtail cushion is beautiful, great backing too. A SAL gives youngreat motivation doesn't it!!

  7. all gorgeous Leeanne,
    love the teddy panto, perfect...and Kiara's bag is beautiful.
    Pinning a big quilt is so hard, offering a basting service is great,

  8. I have fallen in love with the little fantail and love the colour, especially his cute tail feathers! I must get in touch with you after Easter re quilt basting, great idea!

  9. Oh just love the fantail cushion.....something I might look into to get the sewing bug happening!! Also love the teddy bears. Happy birthday to Kiara she will love her wee bag xxx Happy Easter Also

  10. I love that fantail - Juliet's patterns are all fabulous.
    My sister and I are curious as to whether you quilt felt projects -Ie: Bird Dance .

  11. Sue's quilt is very cute, and your quilting is perfect for it! Great idea to offer a basting service!
    The little bag for Kiara is so cute - she will love it. And the fantail bird is gorgeous! What a lovely gift for a friend.