Sunday, August 18, 2019

Rose and Cat's Quilts..................................

Hi there quilt lovers, today I have two quilts to share with you and the link to my Etsy Shop where I have listed two more quilts.

Quilt Information:

Pattern - Unknown to me.
Measurements - 55" x 65"
Batting - Supplied by customer.
Backing - Supplied by customer.
Quilting - E2E Quilting - Simple Pleasures.
Threads - Glide.

Quilt Information:

Pattern - Plus Quilt.
Measurements - 58" x 75"
Batting - Cotton - Purchased from me.
Backing - supplied by customer.
Quilting - E2E Quilting - Over & Back Modern Honey Comb.
Threads - Glide.

I have been selling several quilts on my Etsy Shop which prompted me to list another two to add to the the now total of 14 quilts.
These are the two recent arrivals............................

E2E Design " Starry Night"

E2E design "Stoney Brooke"


  1. You have been churning out those quilts Leeanne - as well as working on other peoples it seems. Those two additions to your store are just lovely xx

  2. I'm pleased to read that sales are gong well in your Etsy shop and these last two here should be finding new homes soon! The Plus quilt looks good and I like the quilting pattern on this one.

  3. You have the best E2E designs. I especially like Stoney Brook.

  4. Wonderful quilting Leeanne on the top two, good to see more additions in your Etsy shop, I know the second one is going to a very good home 😆.