Friday, April 16, 2010


Well I'm pretty excited to be doing a block swap with Joan. I thought it might be too late as I only found a link to her blog on Julie's blog...I'm sure some of you have the same dilemma you jump from blog to blog forgetting where you first started! Well maybe it is only me, I am a real beginner in this blog world.
Anyway we all say we really don't need to start any more projects...are they not the famous last words? Because while I was making the spool blocks for Joan, it got me thinking I could put feelers out on my blog for a Crumb swap. So any one out there keen?

Here are the spools I made for Joan.

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  1. Hey cool Spools Leeanne; Lucky Joan! Isn't it intriguing how we can always find time for MORE!! He he!!