Friday, May 21, 2010


Here is a quilt  I really love. I did this when I was first really getting into quilting and wanted to have a go at Trapunto.
I used water soluble thread, not the traditional way of stuffing through the back of the quilt after you have quilted, I like this way as it it neat and crisp...and no whip stitching any seams!
I did a feather in the border and designed a feather for the four cream corners.

Here is a close up of the feather border, I used a Signature variegated thread for the Micro stipple background.

Please click on images for a larger picture.

Here is a close up of the nine patch. I  McTavished  swirly 'hair' in the cream squares.

I would really like to make time to do more Trapunto as I really love the rich textured look, but it is time consuming...but fun to do. The designing of the quilting pattern is fun too.


  1. Clever you Leeanne; the trapunto is beautiful!!!

  2. The quilting is beautiful - particularly the feathers :)

  3. I love your trapunto! That is something you don't see every it!

  4. Hi Leeanne, thank you for your lovely comment..
    I love your quilting and your trapunto is the feathers, something I would love to do..
    Julia ♥