Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last Post for 2016

Welcome! It seems the  Jolly Ole time when bloggers far and wide are publishing their final post as the  year comes roaring to a full stop. So now it is my turn...............................

Sharing the last customer quilt for 2016! Jean's Sue Spargo "Magnolia" quilt. Jean bought this as a kit from Houston, complete with all the luscious wool's, fabrics and ribbons. Jean has been a secret follower of my blog for sometime and informed me she wanted to let me be the one to 'let loose' on her quilt...............very exciting!

Jean likes detailed dense quilting and these folk-style type quilts suit "free" motion quilting..........aka: quilt doodling. Once all the SID was completed it was on with the fun stuff - SID is a bit like flossing your teeth you know it needs to be done but it isn't much fun!

There were a few sections on the border that didn't have any applique so I found a nice heart template as a base, then filled the middle in with micro stipple then quilting doodles surround it to make the heart pop. This type of quilting so so fun, it's free and liberating but I always get fooled by how hard it is on the body to do.

Below the house on the middle of the quilt are two birds, I made a paper template of the bird and traced with chalk on two spots on the border once again not having any applique. As with the hearts I quilted several times around the shape then for the birds I gave them feathers on their wings........well how else will they fly?

When Jean posted me the quilt, she also sent the backing fabric and wool batting, which always gives nice texture and dimensions to the quilt. The only issues I had with this quilt - other than NOT wanting to give it back! was the thickness of the woolen seams................

Other than my 'Deloa's Appliquide' and a straight ruler for SID and for the straight lines seen here on the 'grass' everything was free motion/ hand guided, no computers...........cause I don't have one!

Jean has further embellishing to do now the quilting is complete, I wonder what it will be?

Now how about some attention to the back? A lovely olive green print, from memory it was by Free Spirit?

Thanks ever so much Jean for entrusting me with your amazing quilt. this will bring many hours of enjoyment for you I'm sure.

             Some of you have been asking where is Simon, well he has temporary job...................

Some much work and soooooo little time is what he told me, but then here he is laying down on his Biscornu, perhaps being a stand in Reindeer takes it's toll................???

I want to thank all the visitors to my blog and Facebook page, thanks for your words of encouragement and delight in what I do. Thanks so much all of it means so much to know even though I am at home all by myself quilting away you are there, waiting and interested in what I am doing and have to say! A huge thank you to my lovely customers who keep coming back, handing over your precious creations to have a coating of 'icing/frosting' (quilting) sprinkled on top, I wouldn't be here without you!

See you again in the New Year with more scrumptious quilts and perhaps a sprinkling of other things.


  1. WOW what an amazing quilt/quilting

  2. such an amazing quilt and loving how you have quilted it,

  3. Beautiful Leeanne ... what you do to those quilts is amazing my friend. I saw a sneak peek somewhere (think it was your facebook page) & thought that looked like a Sue Spargo. I love the way you make the blocks pop out. Merry Christmas to you & dear Simon ... Santas helper. Have a wonderful festive season x x x

  4. Oh, my goodness, this is a delightful quilt. Your quilting is perfect for it--I love the free, flowy feel to it all. Wonderful, Leeanne!

  5. Wow - what a work of art you have both created. My sister and I are attempting a Sue Spargo project in 2017 - stay tuned.
    Have a fabulous Christmas!!

  6. That is absolutely gorgeous. Very much the kind of quilt I like. The quilting makes it spectacular and I appreciate what you are saying about quilting over thick woollen seams. Merry Christmas and a happy holiday time

  7. Beautiful quilt, beautiful quilting! It's such a pleasure to see your quilting and I particularly love what you've done on this quilt. See you next year!!

  8. That is one amazing quilt Leeanne and your quilting is ...I am lost for words!!! It just makes the quilt, I can understand it would be hard to part with but the owner will be soooooo happy. Simon is doing a great job as a stand in reindeer! ! Happy Christmas, looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations next year.

  9. Absolutely amazing my friend. As well as loving every bit of quilting I see here those hearts in the corners are just fantastic. A treasure for sure. See you next yesr.

  10. Absolutely amazing my friend. As well as loving every bit of quilting I see here those hearts in the corners are just fantastic. A treasure for sure. See you next yesr.

  11. A beautiful quilt to end the year on Leeanne, the quilting suits the style so much! Jean will be delighted. Have a fabulous bloggy and quilting break - plus a Very Merry Christmas of course...see you next year!

  12. What a beautiful quilt and what amazing quilting you did! Those birds you quilted... so lovely! And the two together make a BEAUTY! I can imagine parting of it was hard to do.
    Lovely reindeer Simon, I suppose he didn't want a red nose, lol...
    I wish you all the best for 2017...