Monday, June 21, 2010

better photo?

Well I'm sure the quality of this photo isn't better...but it does give you a view of the whole quilt.

Look what else I have been working on.....
Maverick Stars, scrappy and oh so yummy.
 I was looking at stashmanicure site and saw a post by Jo at joscountryjunction where Jo had finished this lovely quilt. Jo is clearly a big fan of Bonnie Hunter and her great ways, as am I.
I got out my box of 2 1/2" squares and got to work. I am a OCC.......which is short for
" Obsessive Complusive Crumber" so I was concerned that my Crumb making days might be over...but NO! You still use Crumbs...yippie! As with Crumbs this is another way to do some peaceful sewing, no real thinking required and best part all, your scraps are getting used, even if the box looks like it has not been touched!
If you haven't looked into Bonnie's stash busting methods go here . Go here for Maverick Stars.


  1. Way to go Leeanne... too cool for words!!

  2. Love the Maverick Stars....I want to make another quilt of them only small for a baby boy quilt.