Friday, June 11, 2010

Finished Quilt

Here is Jenny's Quilt. Jenny got this as a BOM from The Country Yard .This is a large quilt (I will get someone to hold this up while I take a photo as it is a bit cropped in this photo).The fabric was designed by Marie Osmond......when I was a child I had the Marie Osmond barbie doll!
This is a real beauty of a quilt and Jenny did a lovely job job of the piecing.

I had real fun working on this quilt..Jenny kindly gave me the freedom to do as I wish, which is something I take pretty seriously.
I designed some feathers to go in these corner triangles then thought cross hatching would look nice and crisp.Please click on these photo's for a close up.

My first go at a feather in a is just a matter of filling the space. I used Signature variegated thread for the feathers on the non cream fabrics.

Once again a feather to fill a square, this time the plumes come off the centre as well as the outside of the stem. I used Maderia Polyneon in a cream for these feathers.

Same as above only a variation in the block.

Loop-De-loops work well for butterfly's and bee's etc, I carried this over to the lacy areas.

This BOM is called 'Antique Lace'...a suitable name I think.

I will work on getting a better photo of the whole quilt and add at a later date.


  1. Beautiful quilting and feathers, Leeanne; you have finished off Jenny's quilt beautifully for her. I bet she'll be pleased with it!!

  2. Thanks Raewyn, she was really happy and gave me 2 more to do,so that says something.

  3. what a beautiful work ! Congratulations ...