Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beginners Quilt

Here is the quilt I gave you a peep of the other all finished. Jacki made a great job of this, she had a few problems but to her credit she stuck with it.
Under the house (tan area) is not quilted as there are YOYO's added here onto the Prairie points that have flopped down. 

 Here is the back of the quilt.....nearly as nice as the front isn't it?

Now in the next week I will be quilting it's mate as
Jacki made a pair! so watch this space for this quilts partner.


  1. it looks just as good in the photos as it does in real life - Jacki will be so proud of these!!

  2. That is so stunning, especially for a beginner, beautiful!!

  3. Thankyou Farm Girl, how ever I must say Jacki is not a beginner, just that she did this as a class for beginners, but also for those wanting to refresh or try new skills....Jacki has been quilting for I think 30plus years.