Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 Breast Friends

My Breast of Friends quilt

Veron's Breast of Friends quilt

Amazing isn't that you can have the same pattern "Breast of Friends BOM" from the Australian Homespun magazine and get such a different look!
My quilt (top photo) has a polar fleece backing and is my husband's favourite quilt....

Here is a close up of the 2 borders...Veron was very keen to have some more Rayon threads used, as I did on the last quilt I did for Veron

 Isn't this a fun block, makes you want to grab some friends and head off on an adventure...or to a quilt shop!!!

Oppps...this one is sideways???
There we all go!!.......I used a Signature variegated thread on the sashing on this block with the swirls, but I'm not sure about it? The dark section of the thread looks too dark to me.....I used a touch of Aurifil Metallic (Brillo) on some blocks, here it was on the sun's rays.........

 Can you guess what designer designed this block???

  I really did have fun with this quilt.....thank you Veron for trusting me with your beautiful creation.
I could have done so much more....but there has to be a point that you say stop....or your customers says so.......
he, he, he.

last, but not least, the back.


  1. Your quilting is beautiful - my guess for that block is Cinderberry Stitches?? Not sure really - they just look like her little birdie creatures in the centre! Love it all, and they are both lovely, but so very different too.

  2. So interesting to see them side by side and how different they are. The quilting on Veron's is beautiful. Well done!!!

  3. Oh my, these quilts are beautiful. The quilting is to die for.

  4. You did a marvelous job on the quilting. A lovely quilt - sad its so big and I am stuck for somewhere to hang mine.